Thursday, June 14, 2012

Staus update

Writing this it's Wednesday evening and we celebrated The Boy's last day of school, this semester, all day long. 
Let me tell 'ya - it was one of those days. A day of nostalgia, thinking of all the "last day of schools" I've celebrated with my oldest son. I had to wipe some tears away, that's certain.
Well, more on the subject in Monday's post!

All this, just to say: my heart is warm and I feel nothing but happiness on a proud day like today.
Even the sun decided to show her beautiful face!!

The Boy keeps enjoying the trampoline.

BBQ:ing marsmallows....!

First evening of dining outside. This, to me, is heaven!

It's a failsafe way to celebrate the arrival of summer.

(yes, the IG-capturer has to be close at hand...)

Yeah, there a third of them are: the thousands (or so it seemed) spider babies that freaked us both out, this passed weekend. We debated for a minute or two, how we'd get rid of them and then decided to get the hose and some water.... They hung out immediately outside our garden door.

I love love love our little garden!

A boy that keeps going wild all the time!

Yay, I'm a Instagram lover!
Here are the best ones since my last IG-update:

So, this fella finally got a ball of his own :-)

Twilight evenings are here. Also a part of summer.

The Boy discovered the art of strawberries and whipped cream :-)

Hitting the gym is still a joy!


Picnic, as a farewell ritual at The Boy's school. Laid back and cosy.

Trying for a milestone shot of me and my boy, after the picnic.
Forget about it, he hid...

Helping daddy vacuum.

These are the proud parents at the end of school-celebration!

We went road tripping after the ceremony.

Went to some nice spots.

And after that: a stop at our all time favorite place!

Soul food.

Our hometown!

The Ball Lover <3

My dog! As goofy as I am...

Ending the school's out-celebration with salad consisting of our own lettuce, again!!

So, the famous charge time is coming up?! I can feel them butterflies flying around. I'm all up for only weekends, these days - go figure!
I feel like "skipping school" almost every day but of course I don't. I wonder why that is? Am I tired? Is it because vaca is coming up? I really don't know.
I'm glad it is coming up, though, I sure can do with it about now.

If we capture the Thursday and go to bed unusually early, maybe Friday, Saturday and Sunday will get an even better start? I might try it....

Have a grand weekend. You deserve it!

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  1. Ohhh I love your garden now... It's looking lovely. A great place to have a nice glass of red wine. Congrats to you and hubs for making it so pretty. :-)