Friday, June 1, 2012

Double, quadruple bam...

Friday, yay yay!!
Can't believe it.
Can not believe it - Friday's here.


Mother's Day
As I wrote earlier this week Mother's Day was awesome and mostly spent down by the beach! We had lunch at the beach bar and then coffee at the actual beach <3

As I'm swamped this blessed Friday, I'll give you lovely photos from our time at the beach, Mother's Day 2012.

Yeah, The Boy is as wild as it looks!

Yes, some folks bathe in approx 13 degrees Celsius... (and their friends capture it on camera!)

Yes, the tooth that sticks out, is loose...

Yes, The Boy loves his mama.

She adores him. As well as she adores the big son.

Favorite pic!


It's Friday!!!! I'm off to an outing, with staff.
Have a fab weekend, you adorable lovelies out there <3

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