Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bam: Wednesday!

It goes by so fast. Time.

BBQ friday and Saturday.

I LOVE a good BBQ!

I also love breakfast outside. So the weekend had its moments.

Someone's often not allowed, due a loud mouth....!!

Monday I went to an AW with a new friend and Tuesday I attended my "Ladies' Club". As much as I ache being away a lot from my boy (and we talk heartache) I thrive seeing other women and sharing experiences with them. Getting to listen and to be listened to. Getting to meet kinds of people I wouldn't ordinarily and discussing things I wouldn't usually have time for.
It's precious. It is good.
Wednesday I will snuggle with my boy and I will cherish it even more than usually, 'cuz it's the first evening at home, of the week.

That, my friends, is what contrasts contribute with!

My boy creates Star Wars space ships!

Pure work of art.

I was weeding in the front...

Chilling with the neighbor and her sweet dog.

A dog that likes The Boy!!!

Good times <3

Loving my deck chairs!!

We celebrated Mother's Day Sunday. A great day of good breakfast, 
The Boy accompanying me to the gym, cycling to the beach together, 
having lunch there. Wonderful time, kept in my heart.

I also got a card. Handmade <3

Lunch time.

The Boy's Mothers Day-lunch!

Cute customer, right?!

All weel, down by the beach.

How 'bout that Blues Brother, eh? ;-D

Mother, kicking back.

Goofing off!

Love the fellow.

Pics speak for themselves!!

I'm up for a calm weekend, I tell ya'! Only one evening at home this work week - tiring...
Have a good rest of the week, dear friends!

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