Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday bliss!

This Friday bliss is started off with bunch two, of the photos from our trip to the capitol!
After leaving the old town, we went ahead to a place where my mother used to work when we lived there, during my first eight years in life.
The place is a place of kept old houses and environments and some animals and restaurants and beautiful plants and herbs. A very nice place, hence.

We went from the castle, by boat, to the other side...

And what a boat trip it was, indeed!

If The Boy ever enjoyed a boating outing - this was it.

Our capitol, from the brightest side.

The castle.

Listening to a guide.

It felt so summery :-)

Can you see the happy, excited look? I think it shows how totally pleased he is!

Seeing so many new things, experiencing new stuff. Making memories.

Gorgeous old houses.

Well, I guess it shows that I find it kinda all right?!!

Happiness & summer!


Fun times, for the overly enthusiastic two..!

Throwing his hat - many a time...

Summer in our country, may very well be the best thing in the world!

My mama worked here and I still have memories of it.

Carrying loads of stuff, as usual...

Beautiful city.

Yeah, that is the next stop...

The Boy posing in front of the stage, where our country's most popular summer show airs.


It's for real - we were this cheerful, happy-go-lucky, blessed, joyful and pleased!!!

We really did have a perfect trip.

This pic is hilarious - see the person below, making the same move as The Boy? *hahaha*

Looking out over the city.

Moving on, with determined steps.

Next stop.

So, it was grand. I still receive heart warming stuff from the memories, so I guess it'll stay up there, somewhere, along other wonderful times from my entire life? It stays in my heart, in my brain and makes a delicious dish of fond memories.

Friday, ladies!
I sincerely hope the week has been very good and very kind to you! I hope you captured every single day.
Have a wonderful weekend, all of you dear sweet followers here, regardless of how you choose to follow!

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