Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The perfect trip!

Yeah, yeah I know: I've been a tad on the lazy side lately. Please forgive me!
The trip we took, to our capitol, was grand. Grand, perfect, wonderful and fun - we had the time of our lives, actually.
It's late and I'm tired writing this, so I present you with a first set of photos from the trip.
More to come, naturally!

Colors mesmerize me. Liked the red on green.

A very common bird of pray, around these parts.

Rapeseed fields, and the pride of the city I work in (in the background): the only skyscraper!!

Lunch on the road, at a famous old place.

This happened to be the best part, however...

I was perky and in a very cheerful mood!

Gorgeous surroundings.

The Boy actually is big enough to appreciate the view now.


Boring and tiring journey.

On arrival at the hotel. The Boy LOVES staying at a hotel...

Looking out at a new world.

Good good times!

Strindberg quotations in the streets. It is a Strindberg year here, this year.

Enjoying himself to the fullest.

Helping the famous building stand tall... (Town Hall) :-) 
(his own wish to pose like that)

Freaky Family!

This is where our government does its work.

Lots to explain...

Lots to see.

The weather we got was spectacular!!

Mom and son, so keen to pose...?!

A noble house, where my cousin married her noble man ;-)

The old town.

Ice cream time, for some!

:-) :-)

This fountain, The Boy loved!

Taken from in front of the castle.

And here The Boy poses in front of the castle. The main castle.

Inside the entrance.

I got only this one shot in here. Photographing was not allowed since there was a baptism taking place, coming Tuesday (today, writing this): the crown princess' daughter got baptized here May 22:nd.
(Yes, I was harshly told off!)

Yay, time to take a boat ride to the other side...

Where great times awaited us.

Sitting here Tuesdag evening-going-night, I can still feel the magic of the weekend we had. I feel my heart is very warm and I treasure being so happy, as I was. I totally felt carefree and utterly happy, all the time. That is rare. That is for sure carpe diem and I loved it.

Wednesday, sweet readers. I hope it brings you good things.

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