Monday, May 7, 2012

Bettah late than nevah, right?!!

Yeah, yeah, hold your horses - I know I'm late. Really late, like 12 hours late with the post....!

To make matters worse I only have instagrams for you....
I've been ill for so many days and when I got better I got really busy painting our fence. Silly me, but there it is :-)

There's always high energy in this house...

Come to think of it, we're all kinda intense folks, whether two legged or four legged!

I was in bed ill, at our holiday Valborg (April 30:th) so the boy went
with daddy. In a great mood!

The Boy has started making movies on his iPad, fun movies!

So, I'm relieved having made it out of bed! I can take headache and a runny nose any day over the flu... So, I now find myself biking like the wind, to the train in the morning and smiling all the way doing so!
Life is very enjoyable and I feel like I'm the most blessed person in the world. I feel lucky, I feel loved and I feel so much love in this heart so I sometimes feel it may burst ;-)

Hubs and I
Hubs and I are so much in love lately - don't you just love it when that happens?! We laugh together, have fun together and talk and discuss interesting things, more than ever before. I enjoy it. Truly enjoy it and feel like I'm in a Hollywood production, of some sort...!

Someone misses the ill-bed...

No need to try describe my love for this creature....

Mama & kiddo

Off to work, a sunny morning. Hubs kept me company!

Sun, sun, sun we bask in it!

My hubs. Love that man.

Having fun!

These fields are truly to die for...

A weekend from the skies...

And to think: the best is yet to come...!

"The big moon"

The Boy got a new bike!!

And - help us - so did we... And we looked so silly, soooo silly I tell you, in the cheapest helmets and the cheapest sunglasses and our very alike (yeah, kind of cheap) bikes! We laughed so much in the store that some folks stared at those fools...

And THIS is humour!

Behold! Guess who painted this, Sunday?

Golden times.

Tourists putting vaca-vehicles up.

The train ride today was... good looking...

As I said!

Here I sign off! I'll go on to Monday snuggle with The Boy now.
Have a great Monday and Tuesday folks!

"No'n but love for ya'!"

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  1. Love reading your "love story" :) Have a great week yourself!