Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Letting the blended bliss continue...

Blended bliss it is, this life.
Long work days - again - it is too... 12 hours today, 13 hours tomorrow.

Still... I feel sparkling with energy and happiness and I guess it comes from feeling I'm slowly getting better from that dreaded flu. Nothing beats getting well, eh?!!

Winter apparently offers gorgeous sunrises in this house and spring offers equally splendid sunsets!

My favorites shades, too.

Yeah, we finally did some cultivating this passed weekend! High five!!

These have got promise!

Yes, Yours Truly started painting the fence... Invincible, by the looks of it....!

The "big" moon. Lighting a magical and very cosy evening here.

It seemed....big.

Doesn't this have a genuine... unicorn-feel to it?!

I'm sorry for being utterly boring but I'm so tired my eyes are open by pure will power!
I do enjoy even the work days (touch wood) this week and I am for sure happy about it. I have got the sense not to take it for granted. So, it's utterly, eerily blissful over here.

Being in love and all... ;-)

The front *The Patio* where it's crowded with bikes, as of now.

I snapped this busy bee. Happy about it!

I adore these flowers. Adore them. 
They remind me of this house and I love this house!

The Boy's new bike and hubs' new bike.

My new bike! (love it)

Painting.... s*cks...?!??

But, boy does it make a difference?!

First coat of paint.

More glorious glory, in the sky.

Loading these pics I found that The Boy had snapped a shot of me, snapping an instagram...!!

Blended bliss, for sure, in all my favorite colors!

That's it, that's all I have for you today.
I'm glad Wednesday's here and I feel it's gonna be another Favorite Day. I'll laugh, I'll enjoy.
Hope you will too!

Charge time tomorrow - roll easily 'til then, please!

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