Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday.... swoosh!

Bam, Friday!

The passed week had some fab evenings.

And a good deal of fun evenings!

A few deciliters of cuteness...

And a whole lot of bicycling to and from the train.

Ten train rides.

(beautiful ones)

And all those absolutely gorgeous rapeseed fields.
(last year's rapeseed photos are here)

The week contained a walk to IG Memory Lane, 
where my firstborn lives forever in my heart!

Our ten day trip to New York, we'll never forget.

That's how the past blends - almost melts - into the present. 
They live both side by side and in each other. I'll never forget.

Quite a few sunsets were offered.

I went to an evening bird walk at work.

That also offered flowers...

... and fellow bird watchers.

Walking to the train, I met this pack!

Snuggling with this dude was heavenly.

So, yeah you guessed it: it was a tiring week!

Ten steps from my office these guys practice MMA, and I watched for a while, 
getting inspired.

Late night walks home.

Late night walks home in fantastic spring scented air.

Magnolias, withering so soon...

Spirea - that smells like spring to me. Ever since childhood.

Precious time. Favorite Days.

Photography always goes on!

This is his capture!!

A train ride together. Feeling happy and silly (I did, at least!).

And starting working out at the gym!
(yeah - loooong time, no see......)

So much for the past week.
Saturday is sitting in front of me, waiting. I'll leap in her arms very soon. Just some rare TV-watching for an hour first, and a glass of wine. Yeah, that'll do the trick!

Have a wonderful weekend, sweet readers!

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