Friday, May 4, 2012

Ohh, Friday I'm in love!

I gotta admit these lyrics fit my last seven days, like a glove:

Monday, you can hold your head
Tuesday, Wednesday stay in bed
Or Thursday - watch the walls instead
It's Friday, I'm in love

Someone made it a point to stay in bed with me. 
And watch the walls too...

Here he holds a treasured sock that belongs to daddy. Made it his own!

If there ever was a too-cute face, I tell ya'...

Outside the world shone on and bloomed.

Bumble bees busy, doing their job. One night a bumble bee decided to share bed with me, which rendered us both totally terrified, when I saw it crawling about in the dark and I screamed....!!

Sweet mother nature.

My work week consists of Thursday and Friday, this week. I'm not even gonna try to squeeze five work days in, during that time but rather do what I can and that's it. Someone advised me to ease in and that's exactly what I'm going to do!
Great to be able to get a renewed chance at weekend, so soon. It can only get better than the last one. So what meteorologists say there's a chance of snow? I'll celebrate spring no matter what! I'll have a huge cup of coffee with hubs and I'll hug hug hug The Boy! (I didn't want to give him the flu, so I barely saw him these days).
I'll feel alive, hence, this weekend. Cannot wait!

Being cooped up in the bedroom 24/7 I had ample opportunity to watch the sun set.
I guess that's something, huh?!

Ocean sliver, at the end of the field of vision. Glimmering.

Toward the end of the sick leave, I ventured outside, together with my brother in arms.

Sealing it with a kiss!

Not only flowers come to life, in spring, birds do too :-)

I dragged the furniture out a bit, letting it absorb more space.
And it's a winner! It made a big difference, however tiny a change.

We're making it cosy, step by step.

The Boy bought flowers from the neighbor girl (who must have picked
them in a flower bed) and he was adamant about putting them in a vase, bless his little heart!

I feel lucky and blessed, to live beautifully like this.

To think, being able to come home to this after a work day! Paradise!

That boy sure can style a table.

Starting to get my taste back, after the flu, I'm excited about tasting food this weekend! Like I can't wait.

Have yourself a fab one, will ya'!

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  1. Oh I hate the flu, you poor thing. Gosh it's so sunny, lucky you. I love all those spring bulbs, and will be looking forward to seeing the bulbs I planted today bloom this spring. What a lovely son you have (well actually two) I love your back garden, what fun you will have there over summer, I can see the BBQ getting a workout too. Happy weekend.