Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend update!

Oh, my gosh, the weekend was super!
Even though hubs was still feeling ill, we managed to have a terrific weekend. One of those "I don't know how they do it"-weekends where all is fun, good, enjoyable and a lot gets done too...!

I still marvel over the sunsets. I feel deep respect for their ability to make me stop and think about the moment. Whenever I see a sunset I think to myself what a splendid moment it is. And I savor it.

They're all magical. This one was a little extra everything, I think.

Saturday we had promised friends to go with them and volunteer at a benefit. We had received a link to a description how to get there. We were excited.
Jumping happily (and late) into the car, clicking the link, we realized the link didn't work. So we used the GPS function in the iPhone and drove off. Only to discover, reaching the destination, that it wasn't the one! It was called the same thin but was not it. We had reached a path, leading into the woods...

Calling our friends didn't help, by then they were already busy volunteering. Finally we reached them and got a description. We were way off, way off!!!

Thank goodness late is better than never, 'cuz honey were we late....

In the car. I had to put my make up on in there, since we got a late start.

Gorgeous new surroundings.

I'd say this is spring's finest hour. Everything is light green and just about to happen.

Exciting, and a favorite thing, to be driving about in new areas with hubs!

So, this is where it was evident we were lost...

Off into another direction.

Lost as we were, we still were in a cheerful mood. Enjoying that crazy ride!

The Boy leaning.

-Are we there yet?
-Eh, no...

Finest hour indeed.

 The beauty is overwhelming.

The colors are stunning and the anticipation is everywhere.

You'll get some photo evidence of the volunteering-that-didn't happen, come Wednesday.
I can assure you that despite a freezing cold Saturday, getting lost and cold (and hungry), we had a spectacular day. We loved the day!

Sunday meant lawn mowing, among other things. 

An ill hubster mowing our tiny lawn. He's glad it is tiny...

The Boy has taken ill too. He enjoys me, movies, iPad and some candy.
Could have been worse.

It's still Sunday, writing this and I feel like the luckiest creature on the face of the planet. I feel sparkling and I feel like a calf out to taste green grass for the first time! I think I'll hold on to the feeling as long as I possibly can!

Have a fantastic Monday, y'all!

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  1. Only you guys could make getting lost so fun and picturesque! Hope you guys are feeling better, you need to all be well at the same time!