Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Appreciating ordinary things...

When one is ill, everything else than being well, is unimportant.
I had no idea, of course, that I was going to catch a flu this holiday (we celebrate last of April here in my country), of course, and after having laid down for several days I so long to be OK, that nothing else matters.

This Wednesday post I start working on now, Monday, in order to achieve it at all.
Darn flu. Darn!

Enough with the complaining: when I stagger to the window and look outside - I see this!

Now you know for d*mn sure spring is here when you see tulips in the flower bed!!

Being outside more, that is such a sweet reunion.

There is one ordinary thing I'd really appreciate now and that is being able to taste things again! No matter what I eat or what I stick under my nose, I can't feel it at all. Food has no taste and coffee has no scent. I m.i.s.s. i.t.  a. l.o.t.!
I will rejoice when I get that blessing back.

My digital boys! Missing the big boy and his ever catchy smile <3

These require vision - that I have!

For that I'm eternally thankful.

Lying up in my room - in the sickbed - I could catch a glimpse of The Boy playing, outside the window.

Having a gorgeous time in the sweet spring weather!

Playing with a neighbor.

The dog kept me precious company in bed.

Simple and hilarious: soap bubbles!!

Spring. An ordinary thing to fully appreciate.

I am so thankful for the good company he kept: five days in bed with mama...

Something tells me he was thankful too.

No ordinary love
No one could call love ordinary 'cuz there is no such thing as ordinary love.  The love that is shown in action, is splendid, I think. Raw, natural and genuine.
My husband has been waiting on me 24/7 now for five days and I am so thankful and so much in love, that words just won't do it justice. 
It may not be ordinary but it's appreciated.

Marcus made rhubarb pie. Why?
Because I wanted it!

It looked fun and nice.

Funkie busy fetching his snutting blanket!


Oh, that pie!

I stuffed myself (yeah, that was before I lost my taste!).

Wednesday's here and to me the weeks are off, by now. I've been so ill in the flu, I barely noticed our holiday Valborg or May 1:st. I've been in bed, blowing my nose 'til it got red.
Now I charge to get well! Please keep your fingers crossed!

Have an excellent Wednesday! Be thankful that you can taste your meals, please ;-)

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