Monday, April 30, 2012

Status update from sick-bed...

This illness or flu or whatever, takes The Beejeezus out of me and I'm so bored I can't believe it!
Thursday I didn't feel quite well at work and Friday I simply couldn't go to work at all, 'cuz my throat was s.o.a.r. and the head heavy.
Now it's Sunday evening, writing this, and I'm still tucked in, in bed....

In bed, I can watch and hear neighbors enjoying a spring weekend...
Good for them!

We sew grass some weeks ago and when we finally did cave - it started growing.

Lots of things started growing.

Like a mini paradise.

Thank goodness this weekend is a prolonged weekend/holiday 
and Monday, Tuesday are days off too.

Can you see that little mama or papa, gathering stuff for the nest? Cute!

Looking for more stuff!

This passed week we finally planned to go to a "cow release" and that's something I had been longing to go to for years, I tell ya'! I love cows and to see them jump happily, like calves, out into the green grass was something I absolutely wasn't going to miss this year.
Said and done, we went ahead. 
Only to find a grey rainy day and therefore cows a little less than...enthused. Still very very cute though!
And a great ordinary Wednesday evening together, it was, especially since I usually work late Wednesdays. This felt like luxury!

Talk about enjoying the small things!!

Hundreds of people gathered to see the cows!

The Boy was excited - even though initially he didn't want to go...

A cute bunch of cool ladies.

A very treasured evening for me and even the grumpy hubs had to admit 
it was a good adventure! (yeah, you know how he is)

Rushing back to the car, since we (and hundreds more) had parked
where it absolutely wasn't OK...

Yep, cheerful I sure was!!

Bless that sweet soul <3

I assisted the man in the car behind us, so that we would have a chance to back out.
Then we all went back home.

"Hmmm, would I maybe like to stop by Mc Donald's?"

Those wave like fields, love 'em!

Outside Mc Donald's.

Magical evening. And it doesn't take all that much!

So, here I am lying in bed. Hubs waits on me 24/7 with breakfast, lunch, coffee and dinner and the dog has re-entered our bed, where he hasn't been allowed for 9 years...!
I guess some things are good, after all, when it comes to this?!

I am sick and tired of it, however, and please keep your fingers crossed Monday will be different!
New week! Have a good start. I have the first two days off, so I'll have a grand week, thank you very much :-)

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