Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shiny happy people holding hands!

More on the fab weekend, coming right up!

Need I say there was sunshine, sunshine, sunshine? And then there was... sunshine!
That calls for coffee outside and definitely it all brings a vaca mood.

My little angel heart is always cute and lovable.

And forever jumping high. He has no worries (other than his big bro living so far away).

When I see a sky like this, I take my own pledge and drop everything I have at hand and rush outside!

Nature is awakening.

Deja vu
I have had many moments this last weekend where I all of a sudden stop and feel genuinely blessed with all that I have. I almost feel like pinching my arm when I see the love that's surrounding me and the life I have created for myself.
At the same time I can surely see that I indeed created it for myself, because I darn well know what a journey it has been. 

Standing in the kitchen Friday afternoon, when The Boy was about to be off to a disco, I had a deja vu-kind of a feeling, thinking that this very minute the dog, the boy and I - could just as well have been the firstborn, the previous dog and the younger me. 
Another me, a previous life, grief but also love (endless amounts of love) and growth.

It all led to where I am right now.
If the firstborn was to live here, it would all be very close to perfect.
It all is, perfect, of course since we all have health and each other - never more than a phone call away.
Thank heaven for that!

Yeah, coffee outside it is!

Oh, yeah the hubster put the rest of the bathroom stuff up. 
Now only tiles need some working on...

A whole lot better already, I can assure you!

Sweet Daffodils to sweeten the day.

There's something so wonderful about commuting away from the home every day - 
that wonderful thing is: coming home at night, feeling "at home"!

I usually praise the evenings, and aren't they just gorgeous?!!

If there was ever a three-minutes-vacation - this is it!

(yes, I need to clean the lens somehow)

I dare to wish spring welcome for real now: Blackbirds are everywhere, pigeons too and they sing beautifully all the time!

A world of beauty in a raindrop, and suddenly I'm love with the world. All over again. And again.

Not to mention this disco-goer.....!

I mean, look at this: did you ever?!

Getting ready for some dancing but in the end, he didn't dance at all.

Rushing toward the beloved bike, and we were off!!

Seeing this photo I kinda wonder who this big boy is.... Someone please stop the years from racing!

Loving a blue sky.

After a happy visit to our favorite place - 
where people now start having their coffee outside for real!

Remains of Easter.

The Jumping Boy!

There is so very much love, living here.

Endless, limitless and for ever.

Yeah, it's all good!

What I am loving right this minute:

1. Love, can't get enough, love being in it.
2. My sons. OK, that's almost the same as number 1 but still: nothing in the world like my boyz.
3. The full moon: always full of promise.
4. The sun - if something makes me instantly happy, that is it!
5. Jogging - I'm back at my six days a week routine. Feels awesome!

Wednesday's here! Charge time tomorrow. Have a grand one and please do tell your current love-thingies!

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