Monday, April 16, 2012

I love you more than 200.000...

.... billion deciliters!
Yeah, that's what The Boy said Saturday evening, when I read to him when putting him to bed.
How I love that gorgeous boy!!

The Friday post never happened and I'm sorry about it. I have simply been too busy, both at work and at living.

The Boy talking to mama and daddy after having eaten a whole lot of eggs!

Having opinions of his own.

Enjoying teasing his daddy...

I love how he seems secure and strong in his self asteem.

He enjoys his life and said "I have a beautiful home and a beautiful family" the other day.

Seems like weeks ago, but Easter brought snow...

Bye bye Easter we loved having you!

The Easter Bunny!
The Boy says he knows there is no such thing as an Easter bunny but he still is inclined to put out a carrot for it in case it comes by...
And by it came, leaving a good egg for a happy young man!

The carrot is in place.

The Boy is now looking for the hidden egg...

Hmmm, where can it be?!

My heart almost can't stand the cuteness!

He was very soft, giving the garden a glance...

Where can it be?

There it is!!!

And the content was aaaaaaall right!

Mama got daddy a small Easter gift also: candy hearts.

The dog really had a taste for it too :-)

Lime- and coconut cake for the adults!
(which was indeed divine tasmanian inspiration)

Yeah, we still roll like this.

Resting his head on a sword.

So, now you were presented the Friday post, belated. Seems like eons ago, as I said.
The weekend was marvelous, both in weather and in heart. I felt newly infatuated with the hubs, I felt so much love for my boy and I got to speak to my firstborn quite a few times!
Crazy good days, hence.

The weekend went a little something like this:

And like this:

But more on that Wednesday!

I wish you, from the bottom go my heart, a wonderful Monday and new week!
I thank you, also from the heart, for your well wishes. We're striving on and feeling good after an invigorating weekend with a real vaca mood.

See ya soon!


  1. It's so great that I get to live through spring with you and then you can live through my spring! Lovely Easter memories.

  2. Hazel: yeah, that's a good thing following a blog on the other side of the world!
    I enjoyed and took comfort in your spring and summer this year!!