Friday, April 27, 2012

A Friday photo dump only...

I don't know what's going on with me: Monday a migraine stroke and today a sore throat and a feverish feeling is haunting me. Darn it.
The fact that I have hundreds of photos stashed up since my latest instagram publishing doesn't help this at all....

Here I offer a few favorites from the last ever so many instagram weeks!

Spring has been here for quite a while, actually, even if it is hesitating...

The Boy went to a hairdresser at the place my hair artist opened!

Home, sweet home!

Fun, free spirited times!

Mojito o'clock...

Seeing my own instagrams I totally see that I lead a very charmed life. I am lucky, I am blessed and I sure feel humble and thankful that I am surrounded by family, love and happiness.

To be able to smile like that, at work!

"He walks in sunshine..."

Saturday evening party, going on...!

Loving the toothless boy.

And the dog with the dirty mouth.

Loving every minute at my hair artist's!

Getting comfy with friends.

Life never stops and we roll with it as best we can.

Kinda busy loving...

And chilling in the sun.

Or having a late night grape fruit.

Letting the moon tuck us in, watching over us in our small town, under the stars.

"I love you more than most. I love you most in the world, in the universe, in the galaxy. You're my mommy!"
You better believe it - my soon-to-be-seven-year-old-boy says it. He is able to feel love, I tell 'ya!

The weekend knocks on all our doors now and we all can't wait to let it in, right?!
I hope for some great times this weekend and wish it upon you.
Be safe. Be happy!

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