Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"When the going gets tough" - the sequel

The hubs is a little blue. It seems being 44 years old makes it hard finding a new job. He kinda wants to switch careers and it's... yeah, hard.
Being the sweet, lovable, stubborn and willful man that he is he does start his own business but things seem slow. I feel for the hubster, I really do.

I know I don't care about fancy vacations, expensive renovations or pricey clothes - I really, truly just want us to be healthy and together. As long as I have my sons, my dog and hubs - I'm all set and ready to go!

And a couple of sweethearts like these, seals any deal :-)

We went a tiny bit bananaz and bought these two - genuine Thomas Sandell for IKEA - to spice up the front side of the house. Simply 'cuz it makes me (us) feel good. I feel totally happy about them!

We had invited The Boy's best friend and his family for coffee and cake - 
so hubs all of a sudden fixed a couple of things that were a loooong time coming....

A sneak start on Easter. More of that, coming up in a few days.

My lounge chairs can stand the test of time! Come rain or shine :-)

My husband
My husband is kind, he's smart, he's got a healthy self distance and he is exuberating with ideas, plans, visions and new thinking. It actually breaks my heart seeing him so worried, realizing he feels so un-worthy, since he's now out of a job.
We've never experienced this being out of a job before and it is un-fun.

The lovable man.

He's learning to carpent quite some things, these days.

A good dog helps himself and carries his own blanket.

Weird sounds. Funkie is bewildered.

Scared by the noise....


Learning to live without running water. Hubs turned the water off - for quite some time.

What a handy man!

There is no splendid conclusion here, in the end of the post. There is no point to be made.
Life is like this: it changes upon you when you least know it and somehow you must adapt and overcome. Getting to know yourself yet a little bit more is always part of the experience and growing inevitably takes place.
I have no idea what is coming in this department but I'm curious to find out. To live and learn.

We already see Wednesday!
Tomorrow is "Pink Thursday" and at 3 PM Pink Thursday my prolonged weekend starts.
Have a wonderful mid-week, y'all!


  1. That is tough for you both, Anna. Times are tough everywhere at the moment, but I'm sorry to hear that it's touching your family personally.
    But I admire your attitude and have my fingers crossed that your husband finds a job soon.

  2. I'm sorry to hear of your husband's working situation :( Thank really stinks. I hope he is able to find something soon. He's lucky to have such a supportive wife though!

  3. ohhhh boy... I know exactly what you and your husband are going through -- I was like that for 9 months and it's tough! The key is to not stop looking though but keep motivation up, up , up! It's a chore but a fresh start will come along just like it finally did for me. x