Friday, April 20, 2012

Nothing but good news here!

"Damn straight", as my firstborn would have said: nothing but good news here!
Should I line 'em up?
Yes, I should!

My firstborn applied for the university, thinking he might as well study there until he gets accepted to the police academy. He needs to have his driver's license, in order to apply, and he hasn't. I'm excited! I remember when I started my studies at the university in my old hometown and now maybe he'll start.

It's Friday and after having worked a full week's worth of hours during the first three days of the week, I'm in heaven knowing I have the Friday off! So what I'm gonna work Sunday? Sunday is far off... ;-)

And, last but not least: hubs finally got his unemployment insurance through and accepted!!! We're celebrating here. You better believe it!!!

The second born lost his second front tooth - go figure!

The sons and the hubs on a roll - I'm in seventh heaven.

Good news manifested in a photo!

S. p. r. i. n. g.

Mating time.

Our garden - tiny as it may be - is in a really cute bloom right now.

A hubs, busy weeding.

Walking, talking, cooking, eating
Yeah, we do a lot of the above, weekends, these days! We're really enjoying spring now that it's here and there is no better way than being outside. I go jogging a lot and we love being able to BBQ again. If there's one thing that reeks of spring, summer, time off and joy it is the simple pleasure of a good BBQ!!

All lit up - inside and outside <3

Cute as can be, with legs full of jumping and running :-)

And the sight of the sun, the sun lit evenings - how could I forget praising that?!

Luring the hubster out...

The three of us and the sun.

Yeah, I happen to love life. Like really LOVE-love it!

... and we're all ready for summer to show!

Little yellow suns.

If I didn't know better I'd say Miami. Or Tasmania - my new long-to-go-to!!

Someone is occupied with Saturday things...

Trying to look good while doing it!!

Heaven sure can wait!

No, I'm not drunk - I actually am quite goofy. As watching pics of my sons might have revealed..!
Like mother, like sons.

As I said...

Lazy gorgeous times.

Make no mistake, hubs lay like this for no more than a minute.

Doing better than OK
So, here we are: Friday in all its glory showing us its beautiful face. I worked so darn hard this week that I'm proud of myself for coping and I'm equally happy that Friday's finally here. I have the Friday off and that is always a good thing!

Now I hope you'll all have an amazing weekend. It's thrilling knowing it's there for the taking.
Take good care and have fun!!!


  1. Love your upbeat spirit! If you ever come to Tasmania we'll have to meet!

  2. Thank you dearest friend! I'd LOVE to go to Tasmania and must do so before I lay me down to rest.... ;-) Of course we must meet then, that would be totally awesome!!!