Monday, April 9, 2012

Our life, these days

Goings on in life
Quite a few things have been going on, as life will always have it. Hubs is out of a job, struggling to get the insurance money he's entitled to and it's taking its toll on his mood.
And that takes its toll on my mood...

Came Easter, came cysts, for me so I had to stay in bed for a day and a half.
I was lucky that the almost-fainting kind of pain went away just when we considered going to the hospital. In that area all sure is well that ends well!
Today I feel as perky as a newborn child ;-)

Not only do people from all over the country come here, for the art days, people from other countries also visit. It's a special thing, visiting artists in their homes and the festive mood that comes with this.

The Boy held mama's hand in the strong Easter wind. 
We're off to a long awaited place for lunch!

Lunch by one of many castles around these parts.

All these magnificent castles are gorgeous.

Love, un-spoken
These days we may be getting into debates a little more often, hubs and I, but in the un-spoken I don't really have to look hard to find love. My husband tries his darndest to make me happy and it shows in his attempts to finish the tiny light-renovation of the bathroom even though he definitely is out of his comfort (and experience) zone, in that work. I'm touched seeing his efforts and it makes me very happy.

We felt happiness - big time - going to a small part of the wide spread art exhibition that takes place for a number of days all over the area where we live. We had lunch and coffee at a place we've been dying to go to for two years but never got around to. It is only open during these art days and at no other point in time, so we've missed it before. This time we made it, and that in itself felt like a victory!
We loved the place and sure will go back next year!!

Father and son walking, discovering.


Yay, café and bistro!!

Just what the doctor ordered.

The Boy found a great table :-)

The Hubs. Best there is.

Sweet time.

Chicken pie. Heavenly!

We really loved the place.

Very perky!!!


And: ohhh, LOVE!

Seeing him discovering new things in life, is a sweet joy.

Finding him fascinated by art, is a wonder.

Fantastic art, we found!

To me the miracle is someone taking their feelings or thoughts and without words bringing it to me.

He had a good time!

Easter joy!

For all!!

Headed back to the car. It was chilly...

Sweetness and love.

Well, we're enjoying the fourth and last day off for Easter here and I certainly intend to capture this day head on and make the very best I can of it.
I wish you a wonderful day and a good new week!

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  1. Glad you are feeling better and that you were able to enjoy your Easter. So sorry about the job loss situation, I am sure it is taking a toll. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that he is able to find something soon!