Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday bliss

I feel a Wednesday bliss, having soon made it through half the week and feeling all lit up inside!
Yesterday I attended a course all day, in coaching co-workers, and the course was good but as always it's seeing other leaders that is the absolute best!
I got some good advice, made some new friends and felt genuinely good about me.

The Boy found an old favorite toy this weekend...

Trying for the attention of a neighbor.

Splendid Saturday mood!

Yeah, the old toy is a faux knife, going through the head!!

Crazy and good times ;-D

Gorgeous, sought-after spring, you are more than welcome!

Sweet little boy, you are more than loved!

Goofy, goofy, goofy little boy...!

Whenever I'm around new people, getting to hear other experiences and stories, getting to know a bit about them I'm in a special kind of bliss. If there's something that really reboots me it's that! From Tuesday's course I took two friends with me, I think/hope, and one is an eight year younger man who's brand new at his leading job but an enthusiast and a interesting guy. He was in my group all day, so naturally we had many great discussions. The other one I sought out, hearing she works in my home town! She seems very nice and recently moved here, just like me so she knows no one either.
She is a weekly commuter, so she has her family far away.
Two good and interesting new acquaintances and they both fed my spirit!

I always am reminded of my love for people and why I take pride in what I do and feel it's important. I really am a "people person" in every aspect.

Ordinary goings on. The Boy in his boxers, the hubs with his iPad...

"Rain, rain go away, go away, rain, rain come back again another day..." (Terence Trent D'arby)

But the raindrops sure do look good.

Evening at our small place in this galaxy.

I've always known that I'm an evening person. As much as I love mornings, evenings are even better.The evenings nowadays are totally gorgeous and I love everything about them. Especially spring evenings are very special.

"How do I love you? Like the sun loves a summer day" (Oscar Wilde)
Soon summer's here!

Life is interesting and exciting. You never know what's behind next corner. You never know what will take you where. Getting to know a new person is like unfolding a precious gift, a gift you might get to hold on to all life.

Charge time tomorrow, marvelous!!
I really wish you some good days, the remainder of the week.

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