Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A little sunshine and a little snowfall!

A little sunshine!
There was some half day and a morning that was sunny, this Easter, and I took the opportunity to jog and to just sit in the sunshine. As one very well should!
There was plenty of grey also and actually a new round of snow.... No, I kid you not.

Quite a few of us soaked up the rays of light.

Hey, little mama, we're all eagerly awaiting the little ones!

A small thing to rejoice over: a new outdoor lamp.

Those Celsius degrees sure do let us wait...

It's not stopping me though - no it's not!

I really try to take the blue sky in, when it shows. I want to make it last longer.

I'm in love with these parts!

Whenever sunshine shows I feel almost an ache in the chest and a profound longing. I was adamant this passed fall that I was going to keep that summery feeling and it wouldn't feel so long - our winter season. I didn't manage it, obviously, 'cuz I almost feel as if it has been winter forever!! I long so much for warm days, the sand at the beach and carefree mood of vacation.
I get all bubbly inside thinking about the upcoming summer and I long so much for it, there's no doubt I'll love it when it arrives.

This year we'll probably not be able to afford any long or fancy trip, so we'll make the best of the opportunities we do have. My parents-in-law have a cute summerhouse sitting in their garden and we will spend some time there. We'll get a chance to see them and we'll enjoy an ocean front view - yeah, that we will enjoy for sure!

Driving around, discovering new parts is something we both love doing and we snuck off this Easter. Just for a few minutes, but that's all it takes really!

These parts are breathtaking.

Drive-dates with hubs is da shit :-)

The happy boy was such a good sport!

Easter chocolate, The Boy absolutely wanted it and mama wanted to oblige.

Four days off together, what a sweet joy it was!!

The Boy loves the iPad so much.

The long Easter weekend with all those goodies was hard work for the beggar...

I feel very relaxed after the long weekend.

Thank all good forces for that prolonged weekend: I feel very satisfied! I got to chill, hubs worked hard at the light bathroom renovation and made many improvements, I spent a whole lot of quality time with my boy and we had good food, nice wine, Mojitos, movies and... what not?! 
Fantastic chance to be very off duty. Very very off duty!
I also sorted among all kinds off stuff and rubbish, put the winter clothes away and un-packed the summer clothes (not a lot of clothes at all, actually, since I wear black all year around) and I went through The Boy's stuff and managed to throw some rubbish away. High five!

Quality time with this dude, is heaven.

The Boy and I watched favorite movies. In the background you see the movie "Independence day".

Notice the iPad-playing boy.... And the lovely hand-holding on the TV!

Yeah, I LOVE Will Smith and of course, so do both my sons.

So, that's basically what has been going on lately. Small home improvements,  cleaning projects, movie watching, game playing, book-readings and some dancing-to-music. Hubs and I both need the rest and also need to plan the future and find strategies. Challenging times call for extraordinary measures. 
We'll find them.

Solar cell-lamps for a southern Europe-feeling in the garden. They will be rearranged but I'm already thrilled about them - they awake summer emotions in my body!

I done almost forgot: egg painting went on. Big time!

Red onion as color.

He's good at doing kitchen stuff, this one!

Look at him go!

.... being restless in between!

Loving that he loves doing it.

Finding time to sit down, together, and talk about different things. 
Listening to The Boy having opinions and thoughts is unbeatable!

Time races - Wednesday already. I hope your week is passing along very lovely. 
Take care out there, all over the world.

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  1. I love quiet holiday breaks, yours sounds perfect to me.
    I love the boys enthusiasm for egg dying and the way he filled in the time while they took the dye!
    Hope the rest of your week is ok, Friday is finally here!