Monday, April 2, 2012

Growing inside

I have done a lot of growing and evolving since I took on the unknown task of being totally and utterly outside of my comfort zone, in my professional life.
During two years I had a tough job steering through a whole lot of hard and new situations and I've cried quite some tears and despaired, even.
This, you know, you who steadily read this blog.

What you don't know (maybe) and what I really didn't know either is that this process has made me grow and change. In some kind of parallel world I evolved and grew calm and secure, while havoc was rioting around me.
Nowadays I find myself feeling more like me - a new or more visible me - and I've even found a look and a style that is me and that I'm comfortable in.
So, this inner journey has/is not only made/making me stronger and more secure, it also makes me know how I want to wear my hair and what kind of clothes and colors I feel the best in.

That's quite something - feeling that good about yourself, in the midst of all of this!

I got up at 04:40 AM twice this week, which meant having the opportunity to see sunrises again!

Home, sweet home.

Capturing photos with my beloved camera, is capturing my world in all its color and light. Writing in this blog is reliving, analyzing and making my inner world and these two ways of caring for me and my life really means the world.
Sharing it with you who read it, who I know are all good people, is an extra perk and lifts my spirits another notch. Knowing the other half of my heart (my firstborn son) reads it, connects me a little more to him.
Blogging here is so enjoyable, even if I sometimes can't keep up with the level I actually want.
Thank you so much for taking time to read, taking time to comment and cheer me on. I really love it!

The stinking old toilet finally was replaced. A project taking its toll...

Hubs kept busy, one might say.

And The Boy did too!

Funkie had hectic ties, this weekend, keeping an eye on every single project - inside and out.

My weekend was very good indeed. I enjoyed fully and very thankfully, the fact that I was all smiles, all the time! I felt loved, in love, happy and excited. I'm pleased with the days off and I feel invigorated and ready for the upcoming week.

That's right: I promised to keep you posted on the making-friends-project! We had The Boy's best friend's parents over Sunday and they stayed for three hours. Time well spent and we had a good time. If there will be other times, I don't know, but I enjoyed this.

Monday already. Easter is coming right up. Have a blast!

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  1. Ahhhh I see you have been experiencing (and capturing) beautiful sunsets too like me !
    We are very similar in the sense that you take loads of photo's (just like me) our family are similar and I've had a major job loss/change in last 12 months too. thats why I like catching up with your blog. Happy Easter!!! xx