Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Sometimes you just gotta deliver what you order from yourself and I did my best doing that, immediately when I got back to work after the holidays.
So far I actually deliver...
"Head on" is what I wished for, for 2012 and so far: 10 days check!

You gotta start somewhere, right?!

Up close with the ethanol fireplace. The stones I put there look good 
but at one point the fireplace shot a few of them away, like gunpowder.... Go figure!

Coffee and chocolate in front of the fire: check!

Some of you where curious - here goes: the ethanol fireplace.

Well, eh.... Funkie The Dog notices the piece of chocolate...

The four days weekend proved really chillful, so I got my wish.

I don't know how ya'll are functioning but I was so set to chill and relax for four days and when they arrived I couldn't!
I mean: day one I was poured out on the couch and in the tub but day two that routine already seemed to be getting old. I had to DO something.
At first I got annoyed with myself thinking I did a lousy job resting but then I realized that I was rested. I was so rested, now I needed something to do! That's when I steered my steps toward to sad excuse of a closet...

This little rascal has no problem with resting.

I have no problem hanging with this dude!

Or enjoying these babies, with some coffee or tea.

Oh, yeah: I had a mini shakedown also - I promised friends to show our refurnished living room!

And hey - I did manage four minutes in this chair, reading...

This little berry still works on its tan.

Moments like these really makes a prolonged weekend seem like time well invested.

Yep, the winner takes it all and is this pleased!!

A boy very well rested after almost three weeks of Christmas vacation!

The dog also got his attention: daddy plays with clementines...

Playing with the security boats of the pirate ship, this never gets old.

Christmas present.

Winter pale legs.

We got such a strong sunlight this blessed day that The Boy had to pull curtains down 
(and I just HAD to go jogging!)

I plugged my all time favorite in my ears, got jogging attire on, closed my eyes for a moment and 
- bam, I went jogging in Miami... Sun blinding me.

Well if there ever was a h*ll hole, I guess this closet is it?

Two hours later, it is not.

The ocean sliver gives a pep talk of not despairing: spring IS coming up. In due time.

A sunset worthy of photographing.

My boy is just as happy as can be! I like that!

In his twirling joy, he even braved a close hugging encounter with the (cranky) dog...

Mr Blackbird paid us a visit, as to also reinsure us the there is a spring in the future.

Off we went, out into the near-spring.

So many movies, so little time...

Yes, I did envision Saturday candy for myself.
Saturday candy: check!

Five Fab
A glorious Wednesday awaits us all. Wednesday is the longest workday of my week and I'll challenge myself here and now: I'll find five fab things this Wednesday and tell you about it later. I think the time is ripe for me to do that!

Come Thursday, come charge time again. isn't it crazy how time dances on?

Have a fab Wednesday and please do tell me five highlights of your Wednesday!

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