Friday, January 13, 2012

Fabulous Friday!

Go figure: Friday again?!
First things first though, I'll list Five Fab from Wednesday just like I promised (and was kinda proud that it was actually time for, concerning/including work and all...).

So, even though it was a regular work day, I'll here list the best five things about it:

1. Going to work in the car with hubs. This is not default any longer, so it was nothing but a treat!
2. Leaving a totally and utterly happy dog at dog daycare.
3. Jogging at my lunch break, in delightful sunshine.
4. Eating my very own home cooked soups for both lunch and dinner at work.
5. The time on the train home, listening to music, chatting with friends.

Nothing to it. Worked like a charm. You pick the cliché of your choice - that's how it went.
I hope you had an equally good Wednesday? I'd love to hear your top five!

There were quite a few fab occasions last weekend, like here: 
The Boy jumping all the way to our favorite place!

It was still Christmassy. 

The Boy is always being spoiled there.

The Boy captures his mother.

Spring flowers in full bloom!

Yes, I did chill a little during the weekend.

Promises and goals!
A goal for this year is to get a normal work load, a normal work feeling and apart from that: just keep focusing on what's good and that is always family and friends!

The friends-part is also something I work on: finding new friends down here in the south. That, I'm adamant about.

Did you all promise things for the new year or do you have specific plans? Yes, I'm curious!!

I think this one has vowed to play more! 
He has never been this playful before in his life!!

Really getting into playing with dad...!

Playful too.

Looking worried...

Also playful times. It seems it was a playful weekend!

A happy boy enjoying.

I excelled at my speciality!


Glögg (almost like glühwine) and red wine waiting.

Yeah, playful too!

And so, the Friday Instagrams:

The Thursday, Friday and Sunday jogging looked like this.

And this. Welcome back to town, dear sun!

The keen joggers!

He kept playing.

I kept up my car-playing, since I can't bare to "just ride"...

THIS is what weekends are all about!

Having FUN together!

The Boy amused himself.

He captured me in my photographing moment...

This is something I always try to manage during the weekend - this never goes wrong!

He guards me whenever I bathe...

Getting the opportunity to ride, to work, with hubs.

Riding the bike to the train is nowadays mandatory, 
since hubs doesn't work in the city any longer.

Yay, Tuesday snuggle!

Excited just like a baby, about going to dog daycare!!

Beautiful biking home from the train late at night Wednesday evening.

Premiering: light report! It gets dark at 4:30 PM these days.
Premiering: anti-chips report: no chips for 12 days, going on 365...!

Weekend's coming right up. Finally being together again, for real, finding time to be cosy, to feel all that love. I'm, yet again, aiming for calm times, jolly times and restful times. I aim to sleep!

Have a totally glorious weekend, take good care!


  1. WOW fabulous friday indeed !
    And you go jogging in your dinner break??? Now IM impressed. ;-)
    I love seeing that cute little doggy of yours... my son nathan keeps asking and asking and asking for a dog ... urgh, I don't know what to do because we certainly don't have doggy day care here. We will see.
    i'm just going to download/upload some phone photo's now myself -- well overdue I think.
    Take care. Jennie. x

  2. Nice to hear I can inspire.... :-) These last two Wednesdays here were too cold to go jogging (and too slippery) so I've been less tenacious lately...

    Haha, yeah, our dog is both cute and funny-looking - a real gem! What kind of dog does Nathan want?