Friday, January 6, 2012

Looking forward...

-I look forward, a lot, to dinner so we can all sit together and socialize!
The Boy said this afternoon. Wasn't that the sweetest thing? How hubs and I melted.

It's "pause" here right now. I have four days off for a long weekend, since it's holiday here again. I aimed to CHILL and actually did! I played with The Boy today and we watched James Bond-movies, something we both love (and I started loving them about The Boy's age too). We had popsicles and coffee and we hugged a whole lot and the darling boy kept telling me how wonderful I am and how much he loves me.

A splendid day, when I think about it!

Today I share a whole big bunch of Instagrams with you:

My little angel <3

Another little angel.

They were awaited, The Old Son and his sweetheart. 
Beds made, guest room fixed a little...

Words just won't cut it.

I caught Santa, filling the socks. He hid in our bedroom ;-)

We were h a p p y after having made it through the whole day!!!

Pure joy!

Some daddy-love!

Brotherly love.

Digitally mine.

Showing loved ones loved places.

Well aware that parting is such sweet sorrow.

Capturing the sweetest moments!

I did find my friend on Skype eventually...
... being in different time zones has its challenges!

Traditional rice porridge.

Feeling LOVE.

Great times at Christmas vaca!

We were off for some adventure that demanded a larger vehicle!

Truckers on the way...

Yes, at the big store, from our country!

Our precious, gorgeous and wonderful little coastal gem of a town.

Un-glamorous as it may be, this friend was helpful during the holidays.

Time to play a lot!!

My 41:st birthday called for a princess cake :-)

My father was in a very cheerful mood!

My mom.

New Year's called for a little black dress, make-up, high heels and what not...

On The Way!

Passing by Mr Fantastic, of course.

The best of friends, at New Year's.

My goofy husband showing the tips from the PT!! Eh...

Kinect it is, baby!

Back home.


The Player. Wii-time...

He surely prefers bags!

We're loving, living, enjoying as much as we possibly can.

It's so glamorous, this kids-and-dog-family life. When I finally found the sock I was 
looking for, it was under the dog's blanket and had a popsicle stick attached to it!

Yes, indeed a work pic! At the info-counter - a dog in a bag. Lovely sight and I, 
of course, wish she would have returned the dog along with the books and mags...

Now we say bye bye and continue with our joys....

Yeah, we're in the midst of our chill adventures and aim high - aim to take it very easy. I hope one and all will have a wonderful weekend!
Let's see what's in store here: some cooking, movies, foam baths, a few glasses of wine and maybe some candy for Saturday?! Yeah, it seems like it's got potential!

Have a blast!

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