Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's out there waiting...

Taking charge
This new year I think a lot about taking charge of what I can take charge of, in my life.
I never quite thought of it that way before, that the new year really brings that opportunity to take charge.
And I talk about more charge-takings than just the chips...

I took some first baby steps on a path last year and this year I'll take some more steps. Maybe I'll be able to walk, come 2013?!
Exciting to be alive and get to see how it goes!!

Studying some Wii playing...

Pure cute entertainment!

Continuing with Five Fab
To think Wednesday is already here!
I'll find Five Fab again this Wednesday, as a part of making it My Favorite Day.

Yes, you see: I'm trying to make it so it's not only the weekend that is splendid - I aim to let one more day be good swell. It takes quite the effort, in this case, but I'm up for the challenge.

He maybe currently unemployed but boy does he work on changing that... 24/7...

The working mom and wife, however, takes every possible opportunity to chill!

Loving a foam bath like nothing else.

Feeling secure and loved, being always guarded!

Having a melting heart, seeing his little ear stick up.

The sweetest face. The most loving eyes.

Yes, there's a always a bit of commotion when mommy hits the tub!!
(take a good look at the dog, watching the puppy...)

Anticipation of...
I can feel it - the anticipation of summer!
No, I kid you absolutely not.

Walking the dog last night I peaked in to neighbors' gardens and could see their terraces lying there, just waiting for deck chairs a cocktails!
In my ears - yes - "Summertime" went on the entire dog walk.

It's out there, you know, waiting....

Sunday, playing with a good friend. 

Having a cosy fika!

... and some lunch with daddy!

Sunday evening I spent in our bedroom, starting to make a photo book. 
All by myself - sweet peace and quiet.

Letting the day off totally seduce me.

It's splendid times, you see, being well and alive and kickin'!

When the moon relaxes in this gorgeous style, you are in good hands.

Thursday's coming right up
The mere thought of Thursday - charge day - coming up is in itself a perk of Wednesday, right?
I can sense the butterflies even now, writing this. I can't wait for it come and the Friday and Saturday.... Blessed days.

Have a great Wednesday y'all!


  1. my son loves having his little friends come over for playtime... yes always on the Wii and Xbox!
    Good luck for your hubby...i'm still searching for jobs too. I have another interview on 24th february. Lets see how THAT goes. ;-/
    I love the lights in your bedroom.
    jennie. x

  2. It's great seeing them play, isn't it?!! I hope the interview went well!!!