Monday, January 23, 2012

This is how I roll!

Rolling with purpose
Un-noticably I've come up with some sort of damage control in my work weeks and I suppose that's all well and good, eh?!
I don't usually choose to discuss my work week here but I want to ventilate and let it be a reminder for potential future use...

I've come to realize that this is how I view my week:

*Sunday is a preparation for Monday and I suck the last marrow out of the weekend by enjoying a glass of wine and a really cool movie, Sunday evening.

*Tuesday it's time for Tuesday snuggle and I pick The Boy up early, have popcorn and a movie and even go to bed early with him.

*Wednesday is my longest work day and the day when I jog at lunch. It is also, since quite recently, my Five Fab-day when I make sure to have five great things happen. I often feel that the perk of Wednesday is that it precedes Thursday and Thursday means... charge time!

*Thursday is charge time day - say no more! Butterflies all over.

*Friday is just sweet joy and I'm all smiles. I also indulge myself some coffee and a munch bite at the train, going home - and I also mostly go home early Fridays!

Maybe you can take something away from that and maybe you can't. Those of you who have been following me know that finding strategies is a necessity here. I'm quite pleased with this one and I actively strive for a Favorite Day every day.

A Fab moment? Sure! Yep, this be the hubster...

Cooking big time, in order to stock up on lunches!


Cooking: check!

Yes, I can!
So, that's where I'm at: still struggling, making some progress and getting stronger and then it may be two steps back again. I suppose that's how life is, in general?
Not everything in life is something we can choose or change but how we deal with it, how we experience it, we can. No matter if it takes a lot, of us.

What did Mr Obama say? "Yes, we can!".

Rolling with the punches.
The upside being: evolution, development and appreciating the good moments that much more.

Our wait for snow is not really paying off but hey - look out!

Friday evening meant mock BBQ! We had the sauces, the meat and the spirit but did the cooking inside.

Weekend breakfasts, ever glorious.

I happen to love.

We happen to be very lucky!

The splendid moments are these: loving, laughing, appreciating and anticipating great things.
Saturdays reek of it, in our house!

The Boy went on a play date so Marcus and I went for a ... day date!

Come rain or shine... you know.

Some coffee and apple pie can cheer even a little blue husbands up.

Out into the snow mixed rain again.

Yes, we can!

Yes, hello rainy Saturday - we love ya'!

For I am me first and foremost. And that has got to do.

After rain, sunshine always follow. 
We can count on that and that is a good thing!

And we can always count on our evenings in our perfect house.

I start longing for the evening as soon as I step outside in the morning: that's how wonderful it usually is.

One step at the time, applies to many areas in life. Easy does it.
There are many sayings.
We all need to find out what makes us shine, makes us long and want. It is, after all, our lives and our lives only. We all deserve to exist and we all deserve to make our voices heard and even be listened to.

Monday is here again, friends. Have a nice Monday! I'll do my very best to try and let it sweep me off my feet.

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