Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Quicky!!

The week was hectic, intense and tiring...
Now it's late Thursday evening and I am adament to score a goal on this blog post - and so be it.

Icy rain, snowy puddles and a few flakes. January finally did deliver - some snow.

Of course The Boy was ecstatic and exclaimed in joy that snow has finally showed!!

There was also some sun...

The little paw manages all the cold.

What sweet joy to spend time alone with my gorgeous dog.

It sure does look like spring...

... but make no mistake: it's winterrrrrr...!!!

He's not spooked by the sniffing in the snow, my brave hero!

And love keeps growing stronger by the minute.

The Boy was so tired this evening and I'm guessing his week was every bit as tiring and exhausting as mine. Still, how heart warming it was, listening to his friends greeting him Tuesday at school. The Boy had been at home, ill, Monday and when he showed up again the next day, his little friends called out for him:
-Welcome back to school!
I was so touched by it and once more I realized that kids are so much more open and allowing than adults usually are.
My boy looked like he felt the love!

It's indeed about that time when tulips are not only loved - they're needed! 
You see them through every kitchen window.

The Boy, playing - in high speed - with a good friend!

Friday Instagrams:

I remember this Instagram! 
Last Friday, going home this baby (aka the sun) warmed my soul.

Beautiful view from the train home!

We always celebrate our Saturdays, as one very well should!

Jogging in icy cold, last weekend.

Like icy for real! Ice like art.

Love, love, love, love, love, love....

The little paw <3

Saturday breakfasts, nothing like it!

Chocolate begging, nothing like it!!

My right element!

... some similarities: also a right element.

Beautiful mornings here, in a coastal town that has captured my heart.

And it's just like this: as much chill as we can, as much joy as is possible!

A breakfast out with the hubster (before a hard meeting): good thing!

And finally: came Thursday, came powder snow!

I don't know what's with me: I'm so tired I can't speak this Friday (yeah, for now it's Friday 'cuz The Boy woke up scared of nightmares las night, when I started this post, so I went to bed with him) and I've actually never experienced tired like this before. It was almost the same thing yesterday morning and I made mistakes like putting juice in the cupboard instead of in the fridge.

I guess I need to rest?

I have a day off today and I realize it was a good decision to chill. I will chill!
Meaning: foam bath:ing, movie:ing, dreaming:ing of traveling and having fun.

This weekend my parents-in-law will visit us here in the south for the first time and so cleaning and cooking will be done coming days.

I hope and wish wonderful times for y'all this weekend! What plans do you have?

(and if you live in my part of the world: watch your step: it's freezing out there ;-)


  1. ohhh it's so cold today right? Here in UK its snowing, icy, sleet --- URGH!!! My camera hasn't come out of its case properly for days.
    Chill and enjoy your friday. Jennie. xx

  2. Thank you and: ditto! Soon spring will come...