Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spring birds got it going on!

They do sing...
In today's snowy, icy wintry weather spring seems..... distant. To be honest.

But - thank the lord there's a but here - I hear spring birds! I do, they sing in the mornings and inevitably they steer my thoughts toward s. p. r. i. n. g.
It is lurking, being a little indecisive and a little mischievous about when it's gonna show but it will.
The birds are all confused, poor things, and sing away during the days.

Standing the test of time, looking equally gorgeous in snowstorm as in sunshine.
More in handy though, in sunshine, I suppose?!

Behold this and be in awe: I got him to get out of the car!!!

Hilarious it was...

Gorgeous, it was too.

When I see the Blackbirds (who won't sing yet) I want to plead with them, hell even beg them to sing for me. I know the first day of spring will be when they sing and I know I will tell you about it here!
Is there a better sound in the world, I ask you?

The beach was fab, as you see, and the first minutes there was heaven: I ran out on the beach, got gorgeous shots and inhaled everything with eager enthusiasm.
A few minutes later, however, the snow was whipping my face so darn hard, I almost lost my sensibility.... It was freezing by the beach!
Gorgeous, yes and freezing too....

Worth freezing for.

To think that in three months we'll be sitting in the sand with bare feet!

If ever there was a force that never withers, never fails. It keeps on forever regardless.

I love it. I'm drawn to it.

Yeah, love it.

Hard leaving such beauty but the nails whipping my cheeks helped.

What is change?
What is in the change, when it appears inside?
I've changed in an area, so totally and utterly, I realized today and I'm astounded, in chock and totally happy and grateful towards myself for having changed in this issue.
All my hard work brought it on, of course, but anyway: exactly when did it happen? How?
It's invigorating and amazing and makes me high on..... me!
For today, I feel downright invincible and I'm hooked on that feelin' let me tell ya!

He bought a book to put those soccer cards in, the cutie pie!

Sweet togetherness by the fire. Unbeatable.

Even the dog likes it.

Letting the weekend sweep us off our feet.

The cutest bad-ass-ass ;-) Waiting to be allowed to start munching!!!


... and sweeping!

The glory of Saturday.

Sweets of mine.

And when I say I LOVE Saturdays, wine, evenings and snuggles - I mean LOVE!

Light report: it gets dark a few minutes before 5 PM.
Chips report: been without them for 24 days!

Now it's up to the Wednesday to show the miracle it has in store!
I won't speculate but.... I'm guessing I'll find Five Fab.

Have a sweet Wednesday y'all!


  1. Lovely lovely lovely..... I long to go to the beach -- I keep thinking to myself I will hop on a train one day soon and go to Wales, to see the sea.
    Great raging sea - super for a bracing walk.
    I love the shots of your front living room -- I always wish i was sat on your couch with a glass of red wine too! hahahaa
    jennie. xx

  2. You're always very welcome, as I said: I'll pour you the wine :-D

    Yes, I LOVE the ocean too, really really love it.