Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome sweet Friday!

It's here: Friday in all its glory!
I look forward to it so much and have been eagerly anticipating it since Tuesday evening, so I'm glad it's due. Finally!

Five Fab
Five Fab is also due and I have to admit I'll apply it to Thursday this week, 'cuz honey: Thursday was gooooood....!
1. Riding with hubs to work, having coffee to go
2. Enjoying my new office (bigger, quieter, away) with candles lit, dark chocolate and hot coffee
3. My homemade soup for lunch
4. Seeing my hair artist for 2,5 hours, feeling like I was in heaven. Got wine and everything
5. Juice, TV and couch with hubby, after reading to The Boy and getting loads of hugs from him

.... yeah, I told ya' - splendid Thursday!

I've loaded up only Instagrams for you today:

Brrrr, riding the bike to the train is cold now.

The dearest tradition: Tuesday snuggle!

This one is so excited about going to dog daycare!!

Wednesday jogging at work.

Late evening at the train, I'm bored...

Gorgeous bike ride.

Late evening together <3

Soon off to bed.

Lunch with hubby!

Oh, the evenings!

My life companion.

Saturday evening is pure heaven.

Sunday, hubs made chocolate mousse!

... eh, hrmmm....hubs!

The cooking wife-mom-professional!

The "spring-is-waiting-making-us-long-for-it-first"...

Have you ever?!!!!! Awww :-)

The sweet joy of being at the hair artist's!

As I said: I can't contain myself for the upcoming Friday! I'll roll around in love, I'll look at the faces I adore, I'll hug, I'll be.
Longing like crazy is such a good preparation: Friday, here I come!!

I hope you'll all have a wonderful weekend, a weekend of laughter and of love.


  1. Yeah... i LOVE a glass of wine whilst having my hair cut n dressed. Relax.
    Ooooh I also rather liked those large silver lampshades in the cafe/restaraunt - striking indeed.
    I never fail to smile at that doggy of yours -- has such a cute comical face.
    Enjoy your weekend sweetie.
    Jennie. x

  2. Yep, his little face is a lot of fun and his expressions are..... endearing!
    Wine + hairdo= perfection!