Monday, January 16, 2012


So, Monday appears after Sunday. 
The weekend here was good and I got some cleaning out of Christmas done, along with some ordinary well-needed cleaning!
Hubs was busy with the finishing touches of a course he's taking so The Boy and I kept pretty much to ourselves, cleaning, chatting away.

It's liberating getting rid of the Christmas stuff, I think, when it is so obviously over. Now it seems the house is ready for spring, whenever she's ready!

Ready, in fact, I guess she's not. Jogging Saturday was icy but glorious and didn't really bring your thoughts towards spring...

I caught a glimpse of this moon light, bicycling home from the train and had to rush my cycling...!

Yeah, time to pack Christmas 2011 down.

My boy is as good at this part, as at the earlier part.

Playing robot in between...!

Achy heart, tearing our house apart...

Demolition has started!


Wondering if it tastes good?


Reinforcement is there instantly. Go figure!

These babies were almost harder to take down... 
Christmas - and all good things about it - is definitely gone...

Giving us the pleasure of the good old things again, however!

Our living room, sans the Christmas stuff.

Things in perspective
I got a really blunt and harsh reminder of perspectives the other day and it shook me into shape priorities' wise. Remember I talked about a neighbor, last year, fighting a severe illness?
Well, I got word he lost the battle and left his sweet wife and three small children in deep mourning. It happened at Christmas time.
I hadn't seen any of that family for quite a while, so I had a weird feeling about it but still.... a 40 year old totally happy and positive man... it seems impossible he should pass away.
I think of his wife. She's the sweetest woman. I ache for them.

At the same time I realize that hubs' recent unemployment is nothing, nothing at all, compared to that.
I'm ever so grateful we're all well and all together.
So grateful.

Those precious evenings are still gorgeous, I carpe them.


The new week
The new week is here and we're all very lucky to have made it this far.

Let's grab the week by the b*lls and make it grand. Let's give our loved ones extra many hugs, let's tell them even more often how much we love them!

Let's all fetch life this week.

Have a good Monday!


  1. Ohhh hun I didn't realise about your hubby's unemployment... that is a real shame... I know exactly how you must be feeling. Im still busy job hunting myself. But, I have my health which is the main thing.
    My mum and my step dad are not so lucky -- he is very sick and Im worried. But like you say stay positive and Im giving them extra hugs !
    Jennie. x

  2. I really hope your step dad will get better soon. Health is the most important thing ever.