Saturday, June 11, 2011

Being together

Celebrating is the perfect word (thanks Kelle!) for what's going on whenever I meet my oldest son (my first born).
There is nothing calm or silent going on though, it's more like intense meetings where we all fight each other, getting to say something to Mr Fantastic. Or Alexander, which is what he's actually named!

It is ALL good however and it's safe to say that those are the times I feel the most alive: when I'm together with both my boys at the same time.

There we have him: Mr Fantastic. And he sure is fantastic!

Son and mother. 100% pure love.

The brothers. My sons.

Squeezed in
Being a mother of a 20 year old and quite popular young man, is trying sometimes. Going to our old town Friday, the plan was spending half a day with Alexander and spending the night at his place. We later got the offer to stay with friends that have more space so we accepted that! We were still spending some hours with The Son. 
The Son, however, forgot all about this arrangement (maybe 'cuz I was out way too long ahead of time making all these arrangements?) and when I called from the car he plainly said:
- No way, I can't see you at all today, I'm going out with a large group of friends tonight! 
Then he added:
- I might be able to squeeze you in Sunday....

So, we squeezed in at a restaurant where I got the opportunity to pretend I was in Miami!!

The Boy had fallen asleep in the car, so he needed quite a while to snap out of a cranky mood...
The rest of us? Pure joy!

Love that boy, who's now a man.

Now I've experienced being squeezed in by my firstborn, quite a challenge. You may well understand how the tears burned in my eyes when I thought I might not see him at all this trip?!! That motherly love, eh? The bigger the joy, of course, getting around two hours with that fully booked son of mine...!

All those, utterly most important ones in my entire life, collected on a board walk.
Isn't life grand?

My heart nearly burst.

Despite being separated by 14 years and and a whole lot of miles, these two cherish each other.

Two hours well squeezed, hence!

... as if that wasn't enough, seeing our dear friends was also joyful:

The former neighbors and dear friends.

BBQ:ing marshmallows!

I talked of friendship in a recent post and failed to mention another much appreciated kind of friendship: the "common friends" we have as a couple! That's a special kind of friendship and it is nice socializing together with good valued friends.

Loving seeing my husband chilling.

This woman is wonderful and she keeps a very tidy home and always welcomes us dearly. Her husband can build quite a lot of stuff, which is also very welcoming for friends. 
So we often just kick back, being at their place!

Summer, summer, summertime!

The Boy plays with Robert.

Having a crazy lot of fun!!

Needing his sleep, in the car afterwards...

Celebrating my dear son, our dear friends, my brother-in-law getting married, the company of my parents and my husband's parents - it was all intense! And good. 
We had a perfect long weekend!
And on that note: I sign off, knowing I've now catched up even on the blog week. have a great weekend!

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