Monday, June 20, 2011

Serendipital life!

It is a wonderful time, right now, with Blackbirds at it, sun at it and sometimes - not often - a mild, sweet summer rain generously giving a beautiful scent that's  impossible to replace.
Even though we seem to jo-jo back and forth from our summer-town to the big city, for work every day, we still feel like we're right in the middle of a semi vacation every day, this time of year.

Hotel-de-la-Anna. The times I manage it, it's great!

The rose bush again. The buds turn into beautiful works of art.

Rite of passage
This week was filled with happenings!
Apart from some huge ones at work there were quite the share of odd ones in "real" life too. 
The Boy had his rite of passage in the shape of an in-advance-celebration at pre school of the sixth birthday, in order to get to celebrate before everybody takes off for summer vacation. 

He had a great day at pre school with ice cream and a gift and a very special birthday balloon. It made him very happy and bless the lovely  pre school teachers!

A visit to our most favorite place in town, if we must choose.

This is the place where the atmosphere always offers a new mode or feeling, every time. 
It's never the same and the energy varies forever, it seems.

This time it was a calm but happy feeling. It was warm inside and a tiny bit too cold outside, so we stepped inside. The Boy was extatic about his apple pie with vanilla sauce.

I opted for rhubarb pie!

Those guys! To us they and their place offer a home away from home. They're like relatives, if very distant, but still.... This time there was 45 minutes when we were the only guests left, so we got to talk quite a bit. Love these guys Anders and Morten and their place "Hos Morten/Bookcafé".

I managed a weird encore this passed week: I got locked out. 

In my case it is rare to do so and it has only happened once before and that's the weird AND the encore, about it. I so happens that this is something I seem to do whenever being new in a neighborhood and not knowing anyone. 
Sounds annoying? It is!

But - and Thank God there's a but this time - a son and his friends have managed brilliantly to turn this annoyance into joy!
On both occasions it has been raining and we've been sitting in our garden realizing it'll be a good 1,5 hours 'til hubby can get to us. 
Well, The Boy said he'd look if his friend was home and he took off. 
I sat in the Adirondeck chair, Facebooking needing a toilet badly accepting the course of things, knowing irritation wouldn't make anything grander, hence relaxing. Kind of....

Ten minutes later a beautiful kind female face was looking into our garden, saying:
-Oh, my gosh, are you sitting here? Come on in to our home!

In their home my boy sat down having dinner with them, I could borrow a bathroom and I was then served a tasty drink, sitting down with them talking and laughing.

I sent my boy a thankful thought and myself - this is the very family I bluntly walked over to earlier this spring when I thought we must be more proactive in our social life in this new town.
Touché hence!
The woman even encouraged me to get locked out more often...!

In our last house it was pretty much the same story - we got locked out and the wonderful neighbor asked us in for dinner and even though we've moved far away since then, they're still our best friends.
I love the grandness of life and the serendipity even.

Time for Saturday candy!

This is a dear tradition to our boy.

Hotel-de-la-Anna breakfast even during the weekends.

Sweet summer rain.

The serendipity of it all...
After a week where I've cried for hard work challenges, laughed 'til I cried with a brand new friend at After Work and then being locked out and invited to new friends, I must say that life is both thrilling and exciting. I wouldn't have it any other way. 
I also couldn't live without my wonderful private life and blogging about it, sharing it with you.

A new week is here. It's a shorter week since Midsummer is coming up in my country, Friday. 
We're off to our dear friends who took us in being locked out the first time around. We'll celebrate and and kick back with some nice people, partying!

It's just Monday today, though: I wish you a spectacular Monday.

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