Friday, June 17, 2011

"What a difference a day makes"...

Beach overload
I guess you must be thinking we're getting a beach overload, huh?!
It's like that, however, that when work seems to demand more of you than you actually have to offer, then "just going to the beach for a while" may be just what the doctor ordered. For me, anyway.
So, I'll keep hitting that beach-case for the weekendly dose and hope for the perfect remedy!
I sure know what a difference a beach day makes.
(does anyone know why the photos aren't sharp in blogger any longer???)

The Boy tries the Adirondack chair that he helped carrying to the car. 

Summer signs
No more talk of signs of spring - it's the summer signs that matter now! I notice more tourists, the little tourist train has started guiding folks around town and the beach is getting more crowded already.

Proud convertible owners show off their darlings, as soon as Friday afternoon hits!

All of a sudden new signs decorate the beach area.

Water gun, glasses and hat: time for beach fights!

Sand is like heaven.

Running from a dad with a water gun...

The Boy had a blast!

A stomach full of butterflies!

Best to find cover.

I try to be kind to myself. Usually I'm quite hard on me so it takes an effort and an extra thought.

Going to the beach, going out for coffee or just looking through my own photos are different ways of being kind. On a more profound note it's about allowing me feel what I feel and act as I see fit, even in hard situations.
It's amazing and surprising how much of passed emotions and notions we carry and to what extent those emotions color how we act and interpret the world today.
Well, if I find a potion for this - in a fast and simple way - I'll let you know. If not I can only continue my inner journey and hope that I can stand up for me even more in the future and not be scared off by certain scary things...

Kind on the eyes.

It almost looks like this boy is in an ad or something. It's all blue, summery and happy!!


Kind on this old heart.

To me this is a laugh-out-loud pic!

Resting afterwards. All is well.

An old urinal turned into a huge flower pot!

Now, this one loves his home and his path!!

Yeah, the rose bush we planted last year has three rosebuds this year!

The Grape plant is doing fine, already bearing small grapes.

Our own tiny Rhododendron is in full bloom.

Rounding up a good weekend by playing with the best friend.

I need to be kind to me and so this weekend I sure will give it my best shot! Any tips, anyone? I'd be thankful for it.
For now, there's nothing left for me but to wish you a magical weekend! I'll dance all the way to the bus when I get off work and then I'll let the magic of family life take place.

I can't wait to find out what a difference two weekend days can make!

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