Monday, June 13, 2011

Quality Time

Quality un-blog time
I don't know what it is that happens, certain weeks, but all of a sudden I'm off in time and can't seem to get back on track.
It's the blog week that I can't get to work. Maybe this summery weather is the cause of this, since I'd rather be outside all the time and when I do crash on the couch I'm way too tired to blog...
Quality living-time, hence!

Off to celebrate the 6:th of June - our National Day!

Since this is the place to celebrate anything, this is where we went!

Un-independence day
Well, I have more pics than I can handle, at the time, and an "un-independence day" to report.

Languages are fun. I who don't have english as a native tongue get to play with it a lot and I also get to guess, the times I'm too lazy to check.
Therefore, I called our national day for "independence day", rather nonchalantly but very well knowing there is no such thing in our country.
We have "always" (in modern time) been independent and never had to fight to get independence and as a consequence we're never really celebrating it either.
Anyway: hubby really rejected my calling it "independence day", so I felt this explaination was in place.
A few years ago we got our national day and we now try to find forms to celebrate it.
As a country we're all quite bewildered, especially since we don't have the same pride in our flag as, for instance, the americans do. We simply haven't been quite successfull in reclaiming it from people who use it wrongfully.

It is nice - to say the least - to live close to this remarkable ocean.

In the middle of the day this lovely beach diner got a visit from us.

June resolution
I wonder how my June resolution will affect the month of June? Today was the first real work day that I practiced it. It was wonderful and peaceful and it really felt exotic and relaxing. That far, that good...
But - oh, yes, there's a but - somehow we realized that The Boy took off to daycare without his boxers under the jeans and I took off bra-less. Never ever has such a thing happened in my life! It just can't be a coincidence!! When you start a new tradition, I guess you need some time to adjust?!

Waiting for lunch. Restaurant waits are never fun...

Trying his best to keep busy.

The Boy is ready!

Time for dessert!!

The comfort and safety of your own home beach.

Feeling free.

In all this it's not easy but important to identify what things really are "musts" and what things that really aren't. My June resolution is definately a must this month but it may very well rank up high even after that. Taking photos and blogging is an absolut must in order to live in a present way.
Watching movies on the couch isn't a must but obliging the hubster from time to time is important too.
I guess I'll keep working on all these small little important issues and questions?!

"Free as a bird" indeed.

What if we could?

Freezing but liberating!

His and her feet.

A gorgeous and wonderfully happy boy!

Just us, just off duty.

So, it was not a grand celebration among lots of people. But we celebrated and seized the day.
Have a wonderful week, ladies!

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