Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Misery loves company...

Well, misery may be stretching it but I couldn't resist using one of few sayings in english that I know!
My being locked out wasn't a misery at all but the car getting a flat tire was leaning a little bit towards misery. It sure took up a sizeable part of our weekend.

The Boy jumped outside, at the garage, to check on the tire.

Taking the opportunity to goof around a little...

Jumping down here, showing up there..!


High energy level, since The Boy and I got wound up by it all 
- laughing, taking pics, running around.

Well I know - and now you do too - that the hubs has practically no clue how to work this.

-Err, hmmm we can see your behind, daddy!!

And that was F U N!

And the hubs was a wee bit embarrassed.

A kind passer-by:er helped out a bit.

Marcus trying his best, The Boy watching out for that visible behind...

And there he has to go again: hiding the more private part of the back side...!!!


When the weekend shows I often wonder how on earth I'll manage to squeeze anything out of two tiny days. Then, miraculously, I manage very well and come Sunday I feel darn right invigorated. No exception this week, I look back on late evenings laying in the hubster's knee watching good movies, getting up early with The Boy, snuggling on the couch, having cosy breakfasts together in the mornings and just sitting in a deck chair allowing the sun to strike my cheeks. 
And if that isn't invigorating I don't know what is!

The Boy sings along to his favorite artist while using a pencil for a microphone and dancing!

And brother knows how to master dancing, I must say...

As always, the weekend was ended with a bath! 
This time he ventured a foam bath for the very first time.
(yes, brother is also stubborn - just like mommy...)

At times I suddenly stop and ask myself what times in life and what moments I will think back to and reminisce when I get old? I can picture myself saying to Marcus:
-Remember when Alexander was 20 and The Boy was five? Wasn't that a wonderful time in life?! Funkie was still alive and we lived in that attached house with the tiny garden. Where do the years go, I wonder? Those years were the best years of our lives!
And then I think I ought to cherish these times even more. But I don't know how, I think I do a pretty good job carpe dieming every single day.

It's the question we never will figure out!
I best get on with the week then ;-) Wednesday already....
You know it: tomorrow's charge time again and then comes the weekend. Yippie kay yeay!!


  1. i love how you found joy in the situation--the picture of him pointing at daddy from behind made me laugh out loud. :)

    great captures!

  2. Thanks!!!!!! :-D
    Yes, that's a laugh out loud pic, alright!