Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The sky's the limit!

The sky
It's the first teller of what kind of day it'll be.
If it's grey I know to put on a black dress and if it's clear blue and the month of May, then it has to be un-black and maybe even sandals?!
The sky is every bit as magic as the ocean and it's almost guaranteed to make a good photo, regardless of the weather.

We had a grand thunder storm the other day.

It was this summer's first thunder storm but certainly not the last. It brought us beautiful clouds.

It turned from sunny and light into grey and dark in a minute. Perfect candle weather!

Just now I saw geese flying passed my window cheering each other on, up there in the today white-and-blue sky. Do you think I swing for the fence if I say I would have liked to hang with those sisters, flying off to a beach somewhere?
There is something totally free about birds flying together with a clear destination.

Hail came with that thunder storm.

And then it feels like magic when sun comes shining again, afterwards.

I have a new idea, a new plan to make even more the most of every day (yeah, you know by now that's a passion of mine!). 
Will Smith says it so well in "Hitch", he says: 
"Begin each day as if it were on purpose" - darn right and I'll start doing that!

Here's the plan: I'll set everything up in the evening - and get up 10 minutes earlier in the morning - for a "Hotel de la Anna"-breakfast. 
How about that? 
Candles, plates, napkins, soft music, a newspaper (in the iPad, maybe The NewYorker?). 
I can't wait to try it!

We're all happy to see the sun again, whether we're people or flowers!

(how can you not praise the sun and life when you see beauty like this?)

Sometimes it seems like our life is a long row of "Monday snuggles"!

There's more to Monday snuggle than popcorn: there's also lego...

I love lanterns, by the way and I don't think you can have too many.

How about that sky eh?!!

And now we're there again, in the middle of the week. I'm starting to long for the annual summer vacation. This year I'll have five weeks off, in a row. That'll be nothing short of marvellous.


  1. I love your photos! The candle ones are very ethereal, and the flowers are so springey!


  2. Wow that sky is unreal.. loving the ikea outside candle (why wont the name for it come to me now lol) and the hotel breakfast.. Im was so in need of one of those so I made myself an omelette this morning at the other kiddos request.. it was fabulous

    Happy blated mothers day as well :)