Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What the heck?!

School's out
At the end of last week there were tons and tons of graduates in the city where I work and also in the town where we live. It was The Big Week for school to be over!
My heart took small leaps of joy seeing all these happy young people, singing the traditional song about school being over and them being good, meeting a brand new prosperous future (accompanied by honking loud horns, screaming youngsters and loud music coming from huge lorries).
Of course I remember my own son's graduation little over a year ago and how enormously happy and proud I was. Tears were falling for sure!

This is what he looked like, when he came towards me.

Proud mom putting flowers around his neck.

Getting a hug!

I and my boys <3

A happy day I'll never forget.

Work's not out yet
Work's not out for me, just yet, but this year I'll have five weeks off in a row and still have one week to spare for winter time! In my country you get five weeks off a year 'til you age 40, after that you get six weeks off a year. That's very necessary and very good, of course.

The hubster's kicking some business ideas going so I guess he'll take one week off and then some hours here and there.
That leaves quite some time for me and The Boy to kick back together.

We're already inspired by the "laundry list" (thanks Shirley!) and we'll definately pay the beach a whole lot of visits. We'll hang around the playground and we'll invite some different friends he made at pre school. He's gotten really attached to a little girl that's only two years old and that love is so mutual that I've solemnly sworn we'll invite her and her mommy for coffee and cake!

A swell Saturday with good childhood friend J├Ârgen and family.

Sweet Malin giving Marcus feedback on his business idea!!

What the heck?
We're in some kind of chill mode even if one might not think so!
Work is totally crazy-busy, the blog week is upside down, the home wants this and that and still.... there's a distinct feeling that summer vacation is around the corner and most things are a little less important than they usually are.
Maybe everything in life is a little less important than they usually are, when you're as old as I am?!! (except family which keeps getting more and more important).
I certainly don't take myself as seriously any longer and think "what the heck?!" much more often than I used to.
Maybe it's all good and perhaps everything sure is well that ends well, in the end?

BBQ dinner outside for the first time.

Marshmallow BBQ:ing is always a hit.

See the brand new Adirondack chair in the background? (love it!)

Just hanging out, chilling, talking and relaxing.

Hedgehog looking!

Cuties fallen asleep, all over the couch.

It gets dark around 11:15 PM these days.

Rushing through and it's Wednesday again.
Tomorrow is charge time, for the weekend. I hope your week is good and you're all OK out there!


  1. Congratulations on your son's graduation!!! What a proud moment :) And what??? 5 weeks off! I am living in the wrong country ;) So glad I could inspire some of your summer activities, I plan to spend a LOT of time at the beach myself!

  2. Yes, that laundry list is great :-)

    Yeah, not only do we get six weeks off, a year, we also get a higher salary during those weeks so that one can really afford to be "off" since vacations tend to cost more than regular days.

    That sure is a good thing!!