Friday, June 24, 2011

Good to be home!

Makes me happy
I'm a real home lover, lacking a better word in english. Whenever I'm about to travel somewhere I feel like not going and whenever I'm away I long home.
After a work day I can't wait to step outside in the garden and really inhale and throw a glance at my flowers and plants, while inhaling.

This makes me happy.

Baking outside is a brand new concept, we've never done it before.

Baking outside was a compromise: I wanted to be outside, The Boy wanted to bake!

The Husband wanted to start BBQ:ing (and reading a Mac-mag).

So, he got into that.

My son is an eager baker, indeed, and we went ahead in a steady pace.

Adorable seeing this lad giving it all to those chocolate balls.

Needless to say they tasted heavenly!

We had a grand Sunday outside and took the opportunity to enjoy many hours and a lot of the day in the beloved garden. Never has chocolate balls tasted better, I think, or BBQ:ing being more fun.
Fun is doing things together, all of us, and this time even the dog loved the ongoing activities!

The darling hedgehog paid us a cute visit one evening. Love them and their cute little feet.

Days come and go, evenings come and go. 
Some evenings The Boy says he'll never be able to fall asleep ( I suppose the light nights aren't helping?!) and no matter how long I lie there with him snutting my hair, he's awake. 
Other evenings I only get to page three in the book we read and The Boy is sound asleep.

The other evening I had one of my more nostalgic evenings and cried out to hubby that I wanted to stop the time, to freeze the time I'm in and it's moving too fast. It's so fast it's unbelievable, except for some work days. They don't seem to end fast enough, especially when I long home to my boy!

Now, this is a happy camper we've also been worried about: would it show at all after we cut it down? It's a Hollyhock and around these parts Hollyhocks are as common as they're beautiful.

There's still playing on the floor going on. I kind of count stuff that's "still going on"....

Loving the comfort of him still being little.

Enough of the complaining but my work days, at the moment, demand so much. I so want wine after work and indulge myself quite some evenings. Chilling with a movie and a glass of wine is... nice!

My dear lanterns. By mid day.

By late evening, around 10:30 PM.

Love, love, love our summer evenings at home. 
Love them, like don't-ever-need-anything-else-love them!

And the summer evenings/summer nights: they're magical! 
I'll step outside then too (yes, every summer evening regardless of the weather), dog chasing after me, Blackbirds entertaining and Swallows rushing, racing across the sky like they're bats almost.
Again it hits me: this must be the peak, the best time in our lives. Everything is the way I love it, the way that makes my skin rise because of awe that a person can be so lucky. I feel so lucky I must be the luckiest ever.

Twilight photography is fun!

As I wrote in some previous post: looking in through people's windows I get a feeling they're really happy and cosy. I think homes look great, looking in from the outside. Therefore I like watching our home with those "outsider-eyes". I think my hubby and our home looks good from the outside.

I leave you now, knowing the weekend's here. 
In my country today is all about celebration and if our country has one day that is special and typical for us, it's today! 
The National Day is nothing compared to this day: Midsummer
Have a great midsummer all of you! This is the year's longest day here and it doesn't get dark at all.

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