Monday, June 6, 2011

Love is in the air!!

We're back from our trip and I guess the wedding pics are the most anticipated from our mini vacation of five days off, so I'll start with those?!!

Getting ready for my brother-in-law's wedding demanded its preparations...

But we got ready. Eventually!

There were no kids invited, so The Boy stayed with our good friends, 
who took us on as guests the evening before the wedding.

The story on how my brother-in-law found love, and we're talking ever-smiling kinda love now, is quite cute and heart warming. 
He experienced all his friends dating and marrying but he never seemed to get it right. I even set him up on some blind dates but without result. 
After some couple of years starting to feel really low and blue he went on the internet, for a dating service and BAM! He met the love of his life.
There's no question about it, like I stated: he has a giant smile on his face ever since he met her. Seeing him marrying her made all of us in the family very happy.

We're on the way, just the two of us: exciting!

I felt I was looking OK in these. Little did I know that they'd almost kill me...

The happy couple.

I must say that a happier looking couple is hard to imagine!

We're at the venue. Gorgeous place!

A nice thing about these occasions: the young and the old, discussing life.

My husband catches up with his father. My father-in-law sure was handsome this day.

The wedding
It was a very fun and intense wedding. The ceremony was beautiful and the groom's choir sang absolutely beautifully. Amazing.
The venue was gorgeous and the staff there knew what they were doing, chatting happily, never tiring of stupid questions from guests in three different languages.
The food was good, the people I sat with where easy to talk to and I sat right by the wedding couple and could feel the shine that they sent out.
There was dancing and I enjoyed dancing with the groom aswell as dancing with hubby, so I was quite pleased. I'm also pleased, looking back now, that I danced when I did 'cuz them feet were starting to kill me. Those nice looking but not quite so comfy shoes were plain torture...
Candles, good music, lots of new nice people, a happy wedding couple, spending time with family: it was all a memorable day.

The bride is from another Scandinavian country and they had some traditions that we don't have.
Whenever the groom left the table, all the men in the room rushed to kiss the bride on both cheeks.
Vice versa, of course, when the bride left for the ladies' room.

All of a sudden guests would start tapping the glasses - 
that meant the wedding couple had to stand on a chair and kiss.

The guy opposite to me. Great guy!

My brother-in-law listens to the speech my husband gave.

Ehh, erm... the pianist. And he played too!

Enjoying a drink with my sister-in-law's fiancé later in the evening, on a terrace.

The first dance.

We felt quite romantic, being out together child-less!!

After brunch the next day, we headed back to our friends to pick The Boy up.

Love is remarkable. We remembered our own wedding very well, being in this blessed day. To think love can turn a man (like my husband's brother) from blue to shiningly happy within a moment. What force it is, what power.
I'm so thankful for my husband and our love.


  1. Love this, you made me smile :) You took some gorgeous photos!