Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Big Winter Stomach Flu

Yep, the name of it sums it up: I've been under cover for sure!
I've been so ill with stomach flu, I can't believe it, hence no post yesterday.

I'm still in bed, writing this, and will bring you some photos and maybe even manage some words...

The Boy has been ill too but not stomach flu (so far) but with a cold. 
He loves soccer cards so he did magic (!) with them!

Can you believe it? Middle of December and I can walk barefoot outside!

I was hunting for this sister, again. Still in her bloom - amazing!!

And this one - called Smultron here - thinks it's about time to get red and be eatable. 
Around Christmas time?!!

Speaking of Santa and elves...
When the baby of this family was about 2,5 years old, I all of a sudden heard myself talking of the elves living under the master bed, keeping an eye and ear on everything going on.
That stuck like glue - of course - and The Boy would remember it ever after. So, 'til this day there's talk of those very elves. These days The Boy has a happy glimpse in the eyes when he talks about them but he still talks.
Being at home ill, as he was this week, he acted as those elves, sneaking silently in under the kitchen table while I was doing the dishes. He made some tiny sounds and I could hear him giggle under there. 
I, of course, fully knew it was the elves and immediately straightened up my act!
Let me tell you: The Boy loved it and I had a blast. I loved it.

He is always near, always about. Bless that little sweet soul.

Cosy times, always, at home.

More friends that really doesn't realize it's about Christmas time...

Great coloring in spite of the season!

The cutest dog poses nicely in front of the red bush!

My companion. 
I adopted him almost nine years ago and it was mutual instant love.

Board games - he LOVES those!

A game of laughter and tears
No, it is not life I refer to, it's playing games - for fun!!
No matter if it's video games or board games - my boy will be bubbling, giggling, jumping and smiling when he plays a good game.
When he seems to do not so good.... then there's a different story. He cries and he gets angry. 

Sometimes he gets that way 'cuz the video game, or internet game, stopped all of a sudden and he must start over again but mostly - he just doesn't win.
Difficult life lessons for sure!

A diamond! Happiness is all around.

Such joy, that he must run and dance and jump...

He's just a happy camper to be around!

The dog wants to join in the fun.

Talk about loving and living the moment.


Mommy found The Diamond.

Pew, he at least found a visa...

Order is restored.

And no matter what: these are priceless times of getting to be together.

He got one win, in the end.


And yet another one again - what is this? A parallel universe?

Have yourself a well little Christmas!
Regardless of how the elves are doing (and where), Chritmas is getting near. Of course, my boy disagrees, he thinks time is passing very slowly.
As he should, being a kid.
I just wish we'll all be well come Christmas Eve - all of a sudden that's all that counts - scr*w gingerbread cookies, knäckis and even the tree. Let's just all be well!

Have a fab Saturday, all of you out there!
I hope to be able to get out of bed this evening.


  1. Luckily this year I haven't been sick at all... nor has my family. Luckily the stomach flu passed quickly.
    Cute piccies of your son bouncing around. ;-)

  2. Jennie: I'm sooooo glad to hear you've all been well! Great for you :-)
    Thanks for liking the jumping boy!