Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas sure is on the way!

I can't believe it's Thursday! Thursday evening, at that. This post is about 36 hours late. Go figure...

Work's busy and privacy minimal, so I guess that has something to do with it?!
Come December, come crazily hectic times - it never fails. Never ever...
Some of those randoms I promised, are lined up waiting for us.

Let me entertain you:

My boy sound asleep.

Well, the evenings. 
Those evenings, I tell ya'!!!

And then there are those sunrises....

When the day sure does begin "as if it were on purpose" (Hitch).

The geese. Love them. They make the grandest sound when they fly over you.

Work of art.

Oh, yeah. The brittish make some very famous crime movies here and now they are a filming again!


On the way to work.

Action time at the set!

Aren't the days wonderful and the times special?
Even though I'm running around hecticly during the days - and some evenings - I treasure the evenings in my home a lot and the weekends.
It's dark, it's getting colder, the windows and gardens are filled with lights and at the same time roses still prevail and The Boy still bicycles to school every morning. 
After carefully wiping the saddle from moist!

Mornings that are for sure on purpose.

... and then all of a sudden you cast a glance outside the window and see your very favorite color. 
And it goes something like this...



.......... yeah, OK then:

What say you?

To me this is magic and more. My day is made, by this. What a start!

I couldn't dream it up, no artist could capture it. It just sits there, looking like this!!

Birds getting to be really close to it.

One more:

I'm deeply thankful I have this view, in my house!

As if all this wasn't enough:

There was Gingerbread-baking...

It's hard work...


The figures.

Playing around!

(baking after work a Friday. I rest my case)


This is a good sighting - you see fun has been had here!


Nice drive home, after last weekend's trip.



We stopped in a small town that specializes in "Polkagrisar".

He loves Polkagrisar!!!



The Boy watches Polkagrisar in the making.

Fika afterwards.


In a museum, a reminder - again - of how fast time passes and how quickly a life passes...

When one can't buy both Polkagrisar and swords.

Second Advent.

So, I delivered!
Immediately reminded why this place is such an important part of my life. It IS life. Loving the moment and living it.
Starting each day as if it were on purpose. Living every hour as if it were on purpose. My favorite day, for sure!

Now we're talkin'!

Friday's coming right up. Make the best of it and then: enjoy a wonderful weekend.


  1. WOW those sunsets.... truly gorgeous ! I haven't seen sunrises like those for a long time. Beautiful.

  2. Jennie: thanks! Yeah, they are amazing - no other word for it! I can't believe them and they take my breath away, literally.
    Since moving to this house that i situated at the highest point in this town, I've started to experience sunrises - I never have before either.