Monday, December 19, 2011

These are the special times...

Special times, in many ways...
For better and for worse - that's what we promised in church a little over 11 years ago. It still is solid and we always have been there for each other. For better and for worse.

My worst, is for ever over and my husband's worst is forever over and for that we are both every day actively thankful!
After my hardest work period, I this winter started to look happy again, or so people told me.
I like that: going through hard stuff, learning, growing, changing and landing in a happy me - only a little bit wiser.

Now it's hubs' time to bite the dust and learn and grow, since he's just found out he's facing hardships at work. These are the harder times worldwide, financially, and it's not a shock that it would show up even at our doorstep.
There's nothing to do but to be still, think, analyze and welcome change with open arms.
For change will amount to good, even if it is scary.

I know I keep going on about the new fireplace, but please indulge me: I love it!
Now I've decorated it with stones from our nearest beach.

Today we woke up to frost on the roofs... Finally something white on the ground!

Off to floor ball practice I was presented with yet another stunning sunrise.

Ice on the ground, too. Now we're talkin'!

Sniffing away, among the frosty leaves.

Dear Mrs Blackbird showed.

Oh, how I wish she would sing even during wintertime.

Christmas cleaning
The Boy went to a friend's place for a play date. The hubs buried himself in the computer and I - what was I to do? Hmm... looking around, the answer presented itself: cleaning the windows of the room we'll spend most time in, come Christmas. What a splendid idea!
(no, not even the fact that I was weak after the stomach flu and simultaneously feeling feverish and ill from a new cold, could stop me)
Said and done - I went to it!

One of the hand marks of the windows.

Ready, steady, go!

While she endured softly falling snowflakes without complaining...

And she hid in deep.


Time for husband and wife to snuggle alone!
Talking, sharing thoughts.

Snowing outside.

Please steer your eyes away from the pile of cut down hedge and the spade hubs left out there.
Behold the snow!

Longing for lots and lots of snow.

At least it's cold!

Putting focus where it ought to be
Christmas Eve is just around the corner, you guys!!! How 'bout it? I, personally, can't wait!
My firstborn will be here with his sweet girlfriend and I hope to go all in as a good mother-in-law, not the other kind.. ;-)

Writing this, Christmas music is all around, the dog is by my feet, The Boy is at a friend's and a fire is silently burning in front of me.

I shook the stomach flu and I could hardly ask for anything more. In fact, I don't. There is absolutely nothing more to ask for, so I take the moment to take it in.... right now.
A moment ago I had coffee in the sofa with Marcus and the fire was just lit - and then, like magic, it started snowing. I kid you not: like in a romantic movie! Large snowflakes started falling. The first ones this winter.
Loving every minute of it.

I have a hard task ahead of me this very last work week. One of those "I'd much rather not"s but I don't worry about. I choose not to. Feels great!

Monday. Countdown. Have a good Monday folks!


  1. Your *new* fireplace is GREAT... so unusual -- ive never seen one like it. I love looking at flames.
    Sorry to hear about your husbands possible work problems... you know I can empathise, but being without a job is hard. Hopefully things will be ok for him (and you).
    SNOW !!! I love snow and we had a slight sprinkling but nothing thick like last year. I love thick snow.. I think its coming.

  2. Jennie: thanks dearest!! I LOVE the fireplace. It's an ethanol one, so you just pour ethanol in and light it! Great :-)

    Yes, I hope for snow too but I'm not so sure if it'll come..... Yes, I think it will!