Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This is how we do it!

One bright shining star does it one way...
As always, every week, Kelle is a bright shining star in my daily life.
Some time ago she linked to an older blog post of hers called "This is how we do it" and I loved reading that!
How they do it is so different from how we do it but their way sounds really good, fun, adventurous and stimulating, as is ours.
So, I thought I'd have a go at describing how we do it - and that, my friends, is a scary task 'cuz I have no idea how we do do it!?!!!

Well, we do do it!

Despite the horror some people would gasp of in this case, I have no problem responding to the question "Why did you have children if you don't want to spend time with them?".

My answer is, for me, both simple and honest and just right (for me):
"I had children because I wanted to share my love with future adults of the world, adults that will contribute in a positive way and enhance all that's good and work against all that's evil. 
I work full time because I believe I can change the world, doing what I do.
It doesn't mean I love my children any less, or that they love me any less. 
Of course I see less of them and I try my best not to spend the precious time with them, doing anything else than being together. Not so much of doing dishes, cleaning or talking on the phone when they're around."

That could be my answer, if I had to keep it short ;-)

That doesn't mean, for a moment, that I don't think it's amazing that some people - men or women - stay at home with their children. I agree it's a wonderful thing to do, an important thing to do.
I totally respect those that do it. I gather inspiration from those that do it.
For me it's like this: I'm a great mom during weekends, evenings and mornings and vacations because I work in between. I need the contrasts.

Fun together: making a gingerbread house.

Teaching him, laughing with him and enjoying his precious company.


Creating work of art together, is great fun!

Life is wonderful, when it is being spent with family.

To be very daring, here...
I will actually admit that sometimes I do wish I was at home a little more. Sometimes I'd love another week at home, after a weekend off.
Sometimes I long so much for my precious boys I cry to myself.
I do that sometimes.

But most times life just works very smooth and I wake The Boy up in the morning, have a candle light breakfast together, leave him at school and head for work.
At work I blossom, doing what it is that I do. Being in my natural element.

Then two days a week I pick The Boy up after school, we walk home, have candle light dinner, snuggle, play games, watch TV, read and then it's good night.
It simply works. There's love, there's happiness and joy and our boy loves his teachers, his friends and his school life.

The other three evenings in the week it's my husband that picks The Boy up from school and enjoy dinner, snuggle and reading with him. We both celebrate our time with him.


Reading of Kelle's shakedown I smile to myself. I never shakedown! Apart from when we're having guests over - then there's big time shakedown.

It's coming together!

On the fourth of advent of all days!

Gingerbread town ready for Christmas.

The Boy and I get in deep, in Gingerbread town.

Fetching a church and an igloo, too.

Smurfs and elves and Santas, all getting along very well.

And of course there's no better time.

Or a happier boy.

One big global family!
I think it's cool that different people can live such different lives and contribute to the world in so many different ways. All that is love and positive and by free will, will contribute.
We're all a big family across the globe and this blog world is fantastic when it comes to getting a glimpse of someone else's.

Thanks to all those bloggers I follow! I follow you because you bring good things to my every day life, wouldn't want to be without you!

Wednesday's here. My last day of work before Christmas. I will have 11 days off, this Christmas.
That's something.

Have a grand Wednesday!


  1. You are so right - there is no one way of doing this raising kids business, and I have no doubt that we mothers (and fathers) who work outside the home share just as much love with our kids as those who work inside the home. Choose love - always.
    And I love your candlesticks!
    Happy Christmas to you all

  2. Thanks Deborah! I'm with you totally :-)
    Merry Christmas!!

  3. I LOVE tht Gingerbread house... well done. I would know where to start wehn making one of those.
    you know there is NOTHING wrong with being a working mum... I too used to work 30 hours per week Mon - Fri. Collect my son from school - have the best of both worlds. Work friends and stimulation and then playtime with my son.
    It's very clear to see that you are a loving mum.

  4. Jennie: thank you ever so much for your warm comment :-)
    Well, the gingerbread house actually came as kit, with walls and roof ready made - just for us to glue it together and decorate it!!! Best of both worlds swell ;-D