Friday, December 30, 2011

Report from Chillville!

Resting, chilling, softing...
We're finally chilling here in our little coastal and rainy town.
Santa has left, the lovely couple has left and we have even cleaned up, thrown rubbish out and even bought a new couch (yeah, IKEA baby!)!!
So, yes, we have been going hay wire for quite some days and now.... a slower pace finally found us.
Which is good 'cuz filled days are yet again on the agenda in the upcoming days so I grab the slow times while I see it.

How did we spend the last days with my wonderful son and his girlfriend?

Christmas Day, the day after the big day, was started with sweet togetherness.

The cheerful boy was charging to play with his gifts...

Sneaking off
Hubs and I snuck of. Twice!
We have no babysitter in our "new" town so we simply never do anything just the two of us. When The Big Boy was here, though, we snuck out to return movies together (and stayed a while to browse) and could just think of us for about half an hour! We also took a walk just the two of us and could talk and just be. Since hubs has things on his mind due to being out of work, as of now, he had a thing or two to get off his chest.
Good to be able to get a few moments alone and in peace!

During a Christmas Day walk we found Daisies still in bloom!

And apples still on the branch.

My darling husband, a bit worried. My precious best friend.

Love him so.

Time off together is wonderful.

The ocean
The ocean is - of course - the big perk of living here! 
Since my son's girlfriend had never been to these parts before we headed out to show her what's to expect come summertime: the beach, the marina and the picturesque little old town with all those half timberds.
It all speaks for itself and words are all overkill.

Heading out despite a little storm and a little rain.

Aren't those three the cutest ever?!

Yay, the ocean! One can't but smile at the sight of it.

My life's biggest love, it is.

And folks went kinda nuts over it...

(my boys <3)

I can feel the magic of the day, by just looking at this photo!

Heartwarming times. That actually WILL last forever.

Naturally I ran out of batteries, I had so many other things on my mind those days. 
iPhone pic. Easy on the eyes!

iPhone pic.

The marina. Windy, to say the least.

The ocean did not feel like chilling this Christmas day.

You could plainly see that the waves had been high - see weed all over!

The couple that can stand the test of time and wind!

The playful wind turned Marcus' hairdo into one with an eighties style...!
I actually think he wore it like this, back in the day :-)

What if our hallway could look like this every day? I'm just askin'...

The last evening with them. The Boy made sure to carpe diem all the time.

Talking to the bro about important stuff.

Having a few laughs!

Writing this I have candles lit around me, my boy plays happily with his gifts while watching a movie he also got as a gift (he prefers to play with a movie in the background and uses the movie as inspiration in the games). I look back a little and see those first days of Christmas in the rear view mirror.
It was good.
It was all that I dreamed.

Upcoming is a day of calmness. Upcoming is my own 41:st birthday (when you read this it has come and left - it is December 29:th!)! Upcoming is also new year's.

The future lies ahead of us and the darkest day of the year has passed.
Lighter times are ahead. Good times are ahead.
How will it be, being 41? I will soon know!

Have some good days, you guys!

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