Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas. Finally!

In my country we celebrate Christmas Eve, the 24:th of December.
Writing this it's December 22:nd and The Boy came up early with a severe case of False Croup and felt like he couldn't breathe.
Good bye, Copenhagen and the Chritmas market, I hollered and adapted very fast to the new deal.
'Cuz it's Christmas time and no matter what - I'm extaticly happy!!

There will be Christmas music, there will be gingerbread-hearts making, knäckis-cooking and (and this is bigger than big) my oldest son will be here.

I say no more.


Last Christmas looked something like this:

Loads of snow showed up, early November last year.

It stayed the same 'til April...

Winter went all in.

Bringing lovely Christmas feeling.

My sons decorating the tiny tree...

Hubs pitching in!

Festive and very cosy mood.

Christmas Eve breakfast, together.

I and my boys. My Boys!!!

Christmas Eve dinner.

I'm exactly as happy as I look!

And of course, Santa came.

Bringing gifts.

For one and all!

Traditional rice porridge - my mark!

This year I'm hoping for something similar!

Now, I sign off, leaving you some instagrams:

Swans making our trip to work a little bit more beautiful.

Bond style, indeed! I happen to LOVE Mojitos...

Hilton, baby, and MC-Lucias driving by. 
Just another day after work, eh?!

I have become a sunrise-addict this season.

The Boy was well all of fall and most of winter and then - 
bam, he's ill almost all the time, come Christmassy times.

Getting that famous snutting blanket.


"Driving home for Christmas"

OK, yes....
there were some crazily hectic times before I got on my 11 days off for Christmas...

People ice skating in the city.

That very city looking like Chrsitmas cheers.

Gifts in the tree.

Tomorrow's Christmas Eve.
That means that today, in the evening, my firstborn and his girlfriend come to us and we'll all rejoice and be all crazily happy for the reunion!
Nothing but good times awaits us now.

I solemnly vow to do nothing but enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Have a wonderful Christmas all of you out there!
See you in a bit.


  1. Shirley: thank you! I do hope you've had/have great Christmas?!!

    Jennie: isn't it just fab?!! None of that so far, here...