Monday, December 12, 2011

The wonder is right here

The wonder is right here, right were we are this minute.
I'm sure of it - I feel so lucky, so fortunate and I don't take it for granted at all.

Looking at some old photos and remembering other Christmases my stomach curls up to a bitter lemon and I cry, remembering totally different emotions. I remember tears and doing so I feel so free and so great being able to plan for good times!

For good times are all around us, both today, yesterday and tomorrow! And that is priviliged.

My boys are happy and without hardships, so I'm in heaven!
My boys will be with me Christmas Eve and at this time of year nothing means as much as that.

Today is all about instagrams (OK, a little bit about it being Monday also).
I must admit that blogging at Christmas time, is being in a little bit above my head but I try my best to deliver...

Here goes...

Everything but the weird tapes, are finished about the stairs. 
Lanterns in place too!

He makes Gingerbread baking a piece of cake <3

He's very good at it and loves baking. 

Nowadays he masters writing too!!

Happy Me going to a family gathering for advent dinner!

Arriving there in the evening, driving all day.
So worth it!

Christmas food.

Waking up in our own suite!

Those mornings still take up the fight, with the evenings, 
of being the most marvelous...

Tuesday evenings are unbeaten, since they mean Tuesday Snuggle with a movie and popcorn, 
with my boy. The kind of time you preserve in your heart forever.

Walking home from the train, evenings, are still not too cold
but utterly cosy.

When we share a Lucia bun and have coffee in the car, going to work
I really feel a day couldn't start in a better way.

And that's where it's at! I'm right here, living it right now and I know it. I'm aware! I feel so great that I get that.
Who'd have thought contrasts were so important, eh?

-Difficult work times = fabulous private time.
-Hard many years in the past = fantastic years in the "now" and in the future.
-Having longed for so many years = appreciating it when it comes.
Does it sound simple? It is. WHEN you get it!

Enjoying a kiss from a loved one!

And a good love bite too!!

To be loved by him, is a wonder.

This dog found his life passion this winter: clementines!

Yay! Girlfriends, sistahs - no matter what you call them - they rock!
I had a heart warming Friday with these ladies.

Only to wake up to this Saturday!

Sunday was nicely rounded up, after having to get some work done, 
while the boy was at a play date.

I loved my third advent.

You know, like really LOVED it!
(I even got to speak to my firstborn on the phone!)

I'll let my little darling angel wrap this up. No one loves to snuggle 
like he does. No one loves a sheep skin rug, like he does.
He knows how to master this Carpe Diem-goes-Favorite Day-thing!

Today is Monday, my very favorite day! I wish you an enjoyable one! Me, I'll see some good friends in the ladies' club tonight. We'll wine and dine fancy and exchange wisdom and laughter. 
Can't wait!

Don't forget to capture all those little magical wonders that this Monday brings.


  1. The Instagram photos give a lovely warm feel to your photo's... great seeing the ladies -- looks like you had a wonderful giggle together. Christmas was definately coming in these shots!

  2. Thank you! We had a good evening :-)
    Yeah, it was great feeling Christmas coming.