Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Loving every minute of it

This life is good
This day is wonderful and even though I'm more tired than I could have imagined I could be, I take it in and I appreciate.

Last evening after I picked The Boy up, cooked and walked the dog, I rehung the paintings in the livingroom and then we Tuesday snuggled together. Mum, son and dog!

So, thank God - we have the very same moon here as they enjoy in Miami!!

It's spectacular.

Every day life
There is something exquisite about every day life. It kind of takes one step at a time. You plan something one day and do it another. You fantazise about maybe doing something at one time and then, all of a sudden, a day comes when you do it!
You dance a few steps, you take another cookie and you snuggle a whole lot.
Every day life - nothing like it!

Waiting. Time is experienced in different ways when you're young...

Third advent and some love. A Sunday in life.

This man is an entrepreneur. Come rain or shine.

And I I LOVE life, come rain or shine, and will enjoy it!

The new fireplace is an ethanol fireplace and it delivers huge time! I'm totally in love.

Hence, I did enjoy both red wine and glögg (a little like deutch glühwine) by the fire.

And then there are those sunrises, that you are sick and tired of by now...!

The Lucia celebration at school.

Our Gingerbread man!

Cosy time together afterwards: kids, parents and teachers!

Stepping outside after, this sunrise wanted to join in the celebration of Lucia.

And, of course, it's impossible not to be infatuated.

I've said it before: awe is a darn good thing!

Writing this I'm freakin' tired. I spent the Monday evening out with the ladies' club I've joined and we had dinner and drinks and I allowed myself to be really glamorous and luxorious and have my favorite drink: Mojito! I must say that Hilton is the place to have a really Bond-time ;-)
We did!
And now I'm picking up the tab for it...
It's worth it. Like Kelle says: it's always worth it!

Have a fantastic Wednesday.
Come Thursday, come charge time. Here we go again!


  1. Actually we tried to make Christmas cookies before Xmas but they came out burnt... eeek #fail
    I love the lead up to Christmas -- parties and baking. Only this year there were not so many parties since I left my previous job. But I still enjoyed quite a few glasses of wine this Christmas. ;-)

  2. Yes, the lead up is the best part....
    Sorry about your cookies :-(