Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Santa with an attitude!

And so, after a long wait the evening had finally showed: Christmas Eve was here with just that: Eve!!
The Boy had been waiting terribly for it to get dark and get passed dinner...

There's no greater love. My son is finally here. 
During the entire visit I had to pinch my arm regularly!

He even helped out with the cooking.

Their love and gentle sweetness was inspirational!

I couldn't have picked a sweeter girl, myself, for my son!

Well, as you may notice: I was in a good mood...!

Special occasions
I love this time of year for all these occasions to get together. I'm pretty sure all folks would see each other less if it wasn't for all these occasions where we take the opportunity to celebrate.
Of course we all aim to have a Favorite Day every day - and sometimes even manage it - but special occasions are.... special!

The turkey is about to hit the table.

One part red wine, one part goofiness and one part clumsiness 
made my husband sit like this the better part of Christmas Eve dinner...

The guest from the North Pole
Yes, indeed. Every year we welcome Santa Claus. He is kind enough to take the time out to get to every family in our country in the evening of Christmas Eve. Amazing that he makes it!
Usually he's this gentle kind man who asks if everyone has been kind all year through and when people answer "yes!" he starts handing out gifts. He's very kind too, you see.

This year we got a Santa with an attitude! He seemed to be both annoyed and in a rush and he was kinda angry in his ways.... He carried himself - and carried on - in such an amusing way that we all laughed a whole lot! Somehow he managed to get the very doubtful six year old to wonder who on earth this bloke was.
A successful Santa, it was and he spread much delight in our house!

Guess who The Boy is staring at!?!

The Santa With An Attitude.

Weirdly funny Santa ,who kept asking where that darn Marcus was at, during this important visit.

The Boy was so amused and pleased. God bless that Santa!

I think my son's girlfriend wondered what kind of Santa this was - she was in ... awe?!!!!

Good gifts too. All was good.

Actually a bit scared, at times...

"Bye bye.
And do tell that Marcus character off for not showing up, will ya'?!"

Look at that young man. My son. And that little son of mine. Oh, boy!

Eventually that Marcus did show up!

An evening in my heart forever.

I'm just so happy that everybody had such a good time!

The cutest couple.

See the little one, to the left? He refused to be in any more photos...

The Best Day!

Bottom line
Bottom line is: I'm so happy and lucky I can't believe it. Christmas Eve I had to look away for a while and blink a few tears of joy away from my eyes. I felt so utterly lucky for the moment I was in and the family I have. It may be small but it's all that I can ever need and so much more.
I won't go there today but comparing this Christmas with 16 other Christmases is mind-blowing. 
This Christmas was perfect. IS perfect, since it's still here with us.
I love.
I am being loved.
This is my Favorite Day!

Bless you all for visiting me and thank you for being part of my digital family.


  1. You look radiant Anna, so happy for you and your family, what a lovely Christmas Eve. My mother's family is Hungarian so we used to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!
    Thank you for your comment about my mother, I shouldn't be surprised any more, but it still hurts. I've got my fingers crossed for a hut Christmas next year!

  2. Such lovely family shots Anna... we celebrate on Christmas Day and open our gifts then... Nathan has only ever seen Santa on the TV NEVER for real. ;-)
    That fod looks lovely and your husband dressed up smart in a jacket - super! lovely blog post.

  3. Hazel: I look forward to seeing your hut-Christmas-pics next year ;-) !! Thanks for your sweet comment! So, they celebrate on the 24:rd in Hungary too? I didn't know that.

    Jennie: good to have you back! I've missed you. Yeah, the live Santa tradition we have here is great - especially when the kids are at that age they really believe in him. This year (as last) The Boy didn't really believe but thanks to the weirdness this year he was bewildered. At least...
    Thanks for the sweet words!