Monday, December 5, 2011

Family time

2:nd advent
We had a wonderful weekend. The 2:nd advent weekend, year 2011 will go down in history as a good one, one to remember.
The journey to the family gathering took a day and then there was the evening of fun and then there was a day of traveling going back home.
But boy, was it worth it!

I was eager. To say the least.

In a terrific mode!

Yay, me. Enough already!

The Boy played.

Long car drives tend to make me a little restless. Photo of a photo of...

Where it's warm and safe
Arriving to a party. Arriving to family and friends. It is dark outside, it is cold.
Inside a fire is playing, voices are talking and people are laughing, walking around mingling.
To step inside. To breathe it in.
I felt such happiness, such peace. I felt I belonged and was longed for and I, myself, longed.
I longed to hug my cousin and her husband and I longed to see my Goddaughter and her sister.

Let's walk inside, where it's wonderful!

My boy was so handsome in his new clothes!

He inspected the premises and looked forward to eating Christmas food with approximately 65 relatives and friends!

Exchanging gifts.

My heart was filled with warmth. I can't explain it in any other way.
I felt the power of important relationships.

Now these gals know each other for real: we met when she was a day old and have been the best friends ever since. She's my cousin, there's nothing I wouldn't do. She was my maid of honor and I was hers.
And then some.


The Boy had so much fun, so much!

The cutest dog barged in, late. How gorgeous is he?! I'm just askin'...


Keeping score.

Now, he's got it going on.

What's that woman doing with that iPad in the middle of the night at a family feast???

Another town, another sunrise, still beautiful.

Loving every minute of everything.

The late night player slept very well.

This one ordered his parents to host a huge party at home, soon!

Happily off to breakfast!

Our Goddaughter.

Happy times together, so wonderful.

A last round of Pool.

My cousin and her youngest daughter.

The second cousins.

The three of them, so cute together.

Yes, of course, the Best Time!

Viva, viva!

Viva Family! Viva friends! Viva times off, Christmas, adventure and warm times!
I experienced it all this weekend and it will stay with me a lifetime.
I had a great evening, in every way: I ate good food, drank great wine and I talked so very much... I laughed, just like I knew I would.
There's just nothing like it - family.

I sure hope you had a good weekend!
I think most of you out there will get to spend some precious time with family this Christmas, so enjoy!

Monday's here. Grab it!


  1. It's great to meet up with family and friends... especially at Christmas. Such a magical time for the children.. (and some adults too !)