Friday, December 2, 2011

Freaky Friday!

Swoooosh, Friday!

Lucia buns, for 1:st advent.

With the first candle...

The dog knows when and where to beg!

The Boy soooo ready to decorate.

The stairs-work is kinda never ending.

The cutest boy of them all plays with the Santas <3

Plays. A. Lot.

And I go out to walk the dog and to capture some of the day.

Yes, swoosh indeed.
This Freaky Friday came right after Monday, this week. Go figure.

Or - maybe not. 
I've done so much at work, I can't believe it. It's like a month has passed, in that sense.
Often it's like that: seems like a day and at the same time like a month. When it's actually a week.

I've worked extremely late two days and arriving home at 22 PM and 23 PM, the days were over of course.
Still I've captured the moments that did exist: an hour in the morning, every day, and a few evenings for an hour. 
I'll light a fire and a candle. I'll hug and smile and I'll be present right in the moment, creating what I want and what I need: my boy, my husband and a whole lot of love.

A dump for you, this blessed Friday:

Driving around these parts.

Working late. Getting a hug from a colleague!

On my way to the commute train, taking my pic in the ceiling.


Meeting a friend for AW!!

The dog guards an ill boy.

Stuff for the ill boy.

Ill boy.

Mother being at home with the precious son.

The Boy, ill in bed, watching a movie in our bed. 
Cute feet.

My feet.

The Late Night Beggar...

The painter.

The evening. The best moment.

Home sweet home.

Hubs' shopping.

The storm.

Sunrises. I can't praise them enough. They're brilliant.

We had dinner here, one evening :-)

What a sunrise!



Nothing but love
This weekend there's nothing but love ahead! We'll see relatives that are so dear to us. We'll celebrate Christmas in advance with them and we'll be able to kick back, relax and enjoy! We'll eat well, drink well and I already know we'll laugh a whole lot.
Sweet joy. Nothing like family.

At the same time my gorgeous son and his beautiful girlfriend will celebrate a year together, in another part of the country. Cheers to you! Hope you'll have a grand time together.

Y'all: have a blast this weekend! Make it good.


  1. Firstly I'd like to say thank you for your encouraging, sweet comment on my Christmas blog post. I was feeling very low leading up to Christmas, but it actually turned out to be an OK Christmas afterall. I'm now trying to catch up with your lovely blog... so many sweet family shots I just browse through them with a smile on my face.
    I LOVE the look of those Lucia buns, and your doggy is lovely.

  2. Thank you, dear Jennie! I've missed you and your positive energy, that I really think you have.
    All my best wishes and my fingers crossed for the new year of 2012. I will find the perfect job!